MRF demands resignations of government and president

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) demanded the resignations of the government and the President Rumen Radev. This became clear from the MRF leader Mustafa Karadayi’s speech in the National Assembly on the occasion of starting the new parliamentary season. The party has called for an expert cabinet to hold fair elections and bring the country out of the political crisis

The MRF leader called on Rumen Radev to register a party and stand for election. "Instead of taking the role of unifier of our nation, Radev has chosen the political confrontation. He attacked PM Boyko Borissov and the government, he also attacked the National Assembly. He tried to oppose judges and prosecutors. In this way, the executive, legislative and judicial powers erode, as well as the Presidency as an institution. "The president should be the unifier of the nation, but Mr Radev is eroding all the institutions and the statehood as a whole,” Karadayi said.

The MRF has declared an expert anti-crisis cabinet. Karadayi proposed for the Prime Minister to be nominated by the largest political party represented in the parliament, and the Deputy Prime Minister to be nominated by the second largest party.

According to him, on the first day of the new season it was needed urgent anti-crisis measures for saving the country to be proposes." Today we are witnessing the disintegration of the statehood," he was adamant, adding that the MRF remains accountable to voters and it stands behind urgent decisions in the name of the peace and stability. "Our mission is to guarantee rights and freedoms, the territorial integrity of the state, the irreversibility of democracy, a free market economy," Karadayi said.

"Today's crisis is incomparable in its depth. The war between the institutions has led to the political crisis we suffer today," Karadayi said on behalf of the PG of MRF. He reminded that Rumen Radev was elected president as a counterpoint to the GERB’s model. The MRF leader also criticised GERB for choosing to form this populist cabinet. Free and active citizens have been taking part in the protests, according to him.

"On the one hand, resignations are claimed without a vision of what will happen next, on the other hand, impeachment of the president is claimed," the MRF leader specified, adding that for four years now their movement has been calling on the main parties to sit at the negotiating table. "The MRF stands for clean air, clean food, clean energy," Karadayi reminded.

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