Minsk quits flights in response to EU sanctions

Photo: EPA

Belarusian national flag carrier Belavia announced steps to retaliate to the EU sanctions imposed earlier this week, Reuters reported. The airline elaborated that it had been forced to cancel flights to eight new countries. At this point the cancelations are due for the period from 27 May to 30. The European Union has urged its airlines to avoid Belarus and its airspace amid outrage over the forced landing in Minsk of a Ryanair jet en route to Lithuania from Greece and the arrest of a dissident journalist on board.

„Due to flight bans introduced by a number of countries, the Belarusian air carrier Belavia is forced to cancel flights to eight countries from 27 May to 30 October 2021,“ Belavia said on its website. Belavia has suspended flights to Warsaw, Milan, Amsterdam, Rome, Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich, Hannover, Vienna, Brussels, Barcelona, and Kaliningrad.

Further Belavia announced that flights to the capitals of Britain and France from 25 May to 30 October have been canceled due to the flight ban imposed by these countries. The suspension of flights to Vilnius was announced on Monday. “Due to the decision of the governments of Great Britain and France to ban Bielavia flights to/from Great Britain and France, we are forced to cancel flights to London and Paris from 25 May to 30 October”, Belavia said.

“Passengers can change the departure dates or refund the cost of tickets for flights scheduled for these dates without penalties within one year from the date of purchase for fully unused or partially used tickets. Passengers can address these questions at the place of purchase of the tickets. We regret that our passengers have to face this situation for reasons beyond Belavia's control and we promise to do our best to resolve it,” the website reads.

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