Mike Pompeo starts four-nation European tour

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday started from Germany his four-nation European tour, in which he will also visit Switzerland and the Netherlands before joining US President Donald Trump on his state visit to Britain.

Speaking to reporters before heading to Berlin, Pompeo said that Germany needed to do more to meet NATO military spending commitments of 2% of GDP. The US President Donald Trump was still "not satisified" by recent small increases in German defence spending, Pompeo pointed out. He also said Huawei, which Washington sees as a threat to NATO security, would be an issue at each stop in his five-day European tour. Washington is pressuring its allies, including Germany, to exclude Huawei from involvement in the rollout of the 5G high-speed internet infrastructure. The talks will also cover the Iranian nuclear deal, which Germany is trying to rescue.

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