Microsoft accidentally leaks the name of its next operating system

And it is not what you would expect

Photo: EPA People walk past Microsoft booth during the opening of the CYBERSEC 2021, in Taipei, Taiwan

In just two weeks Microsoft is expected to unveil the future of its Windows operating system. Although we know changes will be made to the look and features of the OS, what we don’t know is what this new and (hopefully) improved version of Windows will be called.

There have been a number of suggestions, including Windows 365, WindowsOS or simply "Windows", but so far most of the clues have been pointing to it being Windows 11.

In one way this name makes a lot of sense - it helps Microsoft move away from some of the negativity that surrounds Windows 10 and also sells the fact that this is a BIG change. However, Microsoft has in the past said that Windows 10 will be the "last" version of Windows.

While the company is perfectly within its rights to change its mind and bring out Windows 11, another clue has surfaced which suggests that Microsoft might be planning to adopt a macOS-style naming convention with future versions of its software.

Apple gives new updates of its OS a geographic tag, with the latest being macOS Monterey. An addition recently found in some Microsoft metadata (and later removed) suggests the codename being given to the future Windows update - Sun Valley - could well end up being the actual name of the product.

WindowsLatest noticed that a Microsoft support page published yesterday refers to two separate versions of Windows - Windows 10 and Windows Sun Valley. Shortly afterwards, however, the reference to "Windows Sun Valley" was removed, suggesting its inclusion was a mistake. Now, it could be that Microsoft didn’t mean to leak the name, which is why it was removed, or it could be that’s just what the new version is called internally, and it won’t be the official title. We won't have too long to find out for sure.

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