Michel: It’s good for our transatlantic alliance when both sides are stronger

Photo: EU Charles Michel.

If both partners are strong and robust, it's good for their cooperation, as "strategic autonomy means more resilience, less dependence and more influence” and this should be our common goal, European Council President Charles Michel stated during the Atlantic Council online event. The forum discussed the state of transatlantic relations.

The common challenges we are facing as fellow democracies and open economies should be addressed together, President Michel said noting that the post-Covid world will reveal the need for more multilateralism and more international cooperation.

He stressed that the EU's international influence is based on its values and accented that "We want to promote a fairer, greener world”.

The EUCO President called for the pandemic and its consequences to be fought through international initiatives such as the COVAX facility, to provide vaccines for all as “the need for vaccines is a global one: no one is safe unless everyone is safe."

During the event, President Michel also discussed issues to be addressed together with the US, including tackling climate change, resolving international trade disputes, reforming the World Trade Organisation under their common leadership, and working on the response to Russia's disruptive actions.

With the Biden administration there is a feeling of hope in Europe that it will be possible to rebuild a very strong alliance, “a new founding pact between the US and Europe”.

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