Michel invites Biden to a summit in Brussels in 2021

EUCO President: Now is the time to join forces

Photo: EU Charles Michel.

The President of the European Council Charles Michel spoke on Monday with President-elect Joe Biden and congratulated him on his election as the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Harris as the future Vice-President, EU Council press office announced.

During the phone call, President Michel proposed to rebuild a strong transatlantic alliance based on common interests and shared values. He welcomed the strong commitment of the President-elect Biden to America’s allies and his support for European cooperation. 

EUCO President invited the President-elect to a special meeting with the members of the European Council in Brussels in 2021 to discuss shared priorities.

The EU stands ready to tackle together with the US today's pressing challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic, economic recovery, climate change, security, and multilateralism.

Charles Michel, President of the European Council: “Now is the time to join forces. In a changing world, our partnership will be more important than ever to protect our citizens, relaunch our economies, stop global warming and create a safer world. The EU and the US will always have more impact when taking steps together.”

President Michel also thanked the President-elect for his clear support regarding the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement the EU concluded with the UK last year. This agreement preserves peace and stability in Ireland and fully respects the Good Friday Agreement.

In a separate call, EC President Ursula von der Leyen also talked to Biden. She wrote on Twitter: “Great to speak with President-elect Joe Biden. I congratulated him on his victory. It is a new beginning for the EU-US global partnership. A strong EU and a strong US working together can shape the global agenda based on cooperation, multilateralism, solidarity and shared values.”


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