Metropolitan Anthony of Western and Central Europe: Let EUROPOST always hit the mark

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary since EUROPOST's first issue, I would like to wish its journalists to always be sharp and hit the mark with the information that reaches our compatriots in Europe. Let them continue to be useful for the citizens, who have been part of the common European family for many years now. It is important for our compatriots to be able to follow the trends in our daily lives. Moreover, being Bulgarians, we should respect our authentic customs and faith, which make us part of Europe.

At the same time, however, let us not forget our uniqueness as a people. We need a publication like EUROPOST in order to preserve the Bulgarian essence in ourselves. It is also important to be informed about how Europe is attentive to each EU Member State. Our voice is already being heard in the EU capital. The more often we announce our presence, the more we will be visible and heard. I think we have long felt like European citizens. However, we must not forget that we have the responsibility to be part of the overall puzzle - the small piece which preserves its authentic traditions and faith.

Let EUROPOST continue to be guided by the journalistic principle of objectivity, to work for the eradication of fake news, which are disastrous. Just as a drop of poison in a glass of clean water makes it deadly, the same way false news sometimes obscure our daily lives. Therefore, keep being objective and publish the news as they are. Know that with one word you can save a human life, and with one word you can destroy it as well.

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