MEP Alexander Yordanov: Slanderers in EP against Bulgaria fail

"The slanderers against Bulgaria failed. The slanders of some NGOs against Bulgaria were considered at a session of the Subcommittee on the Rule of Law at the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament. They overlap with the slander of Radan Kanev from Democratic Bulgaria and Elena Yoncheva from Bulgarian Socialist Party, which, despite its great publicity in Bulgaria, managed to collect only 55 signatures in the EU parliament, which counts 705 members. Should they be some proper signatures, but they were from Socialists and Greens Group."

This was posted on Facebook by the MEP from UDF-GERB / ​​EPP Alexander Yordanov on the occasion of yesterday's hearing at the Subcommittee on the Rule of Law at the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament.

He recalled that the session was closed, i.e. MPs who are not members of this subcommittee could not be present. "But it has come to my knowledge. So it quickly became clear that Bulgaria's slanderers had become a laughing stock. Not only because of their cry to pour accusations against the Bulgarian parliament that it has not voted on the Istanbul Convention and respectively the rights of the LGBT community have not been protected in our country. A great cry was there also by the so-called non-governmental organisations on "discrimination against the Roma people".

MEPs have expressed concern that the current Bulgarian Constitution has shortcomings and therefore it needs to be amended or a new one to be adopted. This is like a boxing straight one for the BSP, Democratic Bulgaria and the other defenders of the current constitution. It has become clear that there is nothing true in the allegations of total dependence of prosecutors on the Bulgarian Procecutor General.

All of them are far more independent than him, compared to today’s dependence of a number of protesters’ leaders on oligarchs, who are significant for the transition to democracy period," Yordanov added. He said also: "In general, I can repeat for another time that there is nothing more unworthy than to slander and insult your country before the foreigners. If you want to change something in Bulgaria, there is no problem – democracy is there, you can win elections, govern and change it. But I definitely do not accept the nasty tricks that the socialists play in Bulgaria - for them this may be something normal, and together with them and Radan Kanev… They are unworthy. And what about if they take the power? Do you think that something good will happen to Bulgaria? No. It will not. When socialists and their servants come to power, it never happens something good. So it will be now again like that, if Heaven forbid, BSP, supported by the crutches, who organise today the riots on Sofia streets, come to power.

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