MEPs said violence between Israel and Palestine must stop immediately

They accented on the need for dialogue and for negotiations on a two-state solution to resume

Photo: EP David McAllister.

Following the recent upsurge in violence between Israel and Palestine, MEPs stress the need for an immediate ceasefire to avoid further civilian casualties. In a plenary debate with Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs Augusto Santos Silva on Tuesday afternoon, MEPs expressed their extreme concern over the renewed escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine and called for an immediate end to the fighting.

They also underlined the need for dialogue and for negotiations on a two-state solution to resume, and condemned recent waves of anti-Semitism in Europe triggered by the renewed conflict.

David McAllister (EPP, Germany), AFET Chair, underlined that the grave and ongoing escalation in Israel and in the occupied Palestinian territory, including the major upsurge in violence against Israel and in and around Gaza, is extremely worrying and must stop now. He also stressed that it has claimed the lives of so many innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians, including children on both sides. “Israel has a right and Israel has a duty to defend its citizens against terror attacks,” he stressed.

McAllister also said that “one can criticise Israel’s politics but there is no justification for anti Semitism, hatred and violence, not on this continent and not in the European Union, which is committed to freedom of religion and human rights for all our citizens”.

We strongly condemn all acts of violence and call on both sides to avoid any further loss of lives, but we cannot forget the source of this new round of violence, it was the increasing number of demolitions, evictions and forced displacement of Palestinians, including in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood, Portuguese MEP from S&D Pedro Marques urged.

The right of Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace, security, freedom and democracy can only be achieved by the well known two state solution: the only viable vision for a just and lasting peace, he said adding that the EU and the international community must step forward and take their responsibilities.



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