MEPs adopted with wide majority Kyuchyuk’s report on RNM

EP urge for finding a compromise on a roadmap with Bulgaria to restart European integration process

Photo: EP Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

MEPs adopted by a wide majority at the EP plenary on Thursday  the progress report on North Macedonia, authored by  Ilhan Kyuchyuk, Bulgarian MEP from Renew Europe/MRF and EP standing rapporteur for the RNM. 

Earlier on the same day, he presented to the plenary his report on the Republic of North Macedonia, which objectively reproduces both the positive and negative trends in the country in recent years.

In the adopted report, MEPs urge for political will for dialogue and sustainable change to hold the first intergovernmental conference with North Macedonia, following a European Council decision from late last year that was painful for the Western Balkans.

The report describes the progress made by North Macedonia and the existing challenges, but also notes the need for more in-depth and sustainable reforms concerning the transparency in public administration, the fight against corruption, the rule of law and democracy.

At the EP plenary and during the following news conference at the European Parliament, Kyuchyuk underscored that Europe had has proved that it supports its partners. Mobilising €3.3bn EU emergency support package for countries in the region to tackle the effects of the pandemic was a clear demonstration of European solidarity, which has for long been questioned, the MEP outlined.

In his speech, Kyuchyuk also made clear the difficulties related to the Covid-19 crisis, and the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia. I hope that North Macedonia and Bulgaria will recommence a constructive dialogue on the pending bilateral issues in order to achieve sustainable results.

According to him a compromise on an action plan with concrete measures, which implementation to be regularly assessed in accordance with the n the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighbourliness, and Cooperation, will restart the process and allow the Council to convene the first intergovernmental conference as soon as possible.

Kyuchyuk said as well that he is convinced that further delays will undermine the credibility, objectivity and reliability of the accession process. By building trust together, we are also building our common European future, because now, more than ever, we need bridges that bond us than walls that separate us, Kyuchyuk urged.

EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Oliver Varhelyi  also recalled talking at the EP plenary that regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations form an essential part of the country’s process of moving towards the EU.” It is important that bilateral agreements, including the Prespa agreement with Greece and the Treaty on Good Neighbourly Relations with Bulgaria, continue to be implemented in good faith by all parties,” the Commissioner said.

I would like to echo your report by encouraging all parties to act in a constructive manner and to refrain from statements or actions that might undermine the EU’s wider interests, Commissioner  Varhelyi emphasised.

During the plenary, lawmakers also approved the reports assessing the progress made by Albania, Kosovo and Serbia in the last two years. They warned that advancement by these countries towards joining the EU depends on lasting, in-depth and irreversible reforms across fundamental areas such as the rule of law and the effective functioning of democratic institutions.

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