Mario Draghi outlines his government programme in Senate before the confidence vote

Photo: EPA

Italian Premier Mario Draghi told the Senate on Wednesday that his new government will pass much-needed reforms as well as tackling the Covid-19 pandemic as he outlined the executive's programme before a confidence vote in the Upper House, ANSA reported.

"The government will pass reforms and it will also address the emergency," the former president of the European Central Bank said. "We know the teaching of Cavour. Instead of weakening authority, reforms completed in time strengthen it''.

"In the meantime we must deal with those who are suffering now, with those people who today are losing their jobs or are forced to close their businesses", Draghi pointed out.

His executive is a sort of government of national unity supported by almost all the parties in parliament. The only major group not to back it is the right-wing Brothers of Italy (FdI) party.

President Sergio Mattarella called on the parties to get behind a government led by a non-political figure to avoid the nation having to have early elections in the middle of the pandemic after ex-premier Giuseppe Conte's administration collapsed.

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