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Five plots of fake news items about Peevski

Not a day passes without vomiting false news, misinformation or an outright lie about MP and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. This oligarchy mantra is diligently followed by Ivo Prokopiev's mainstream media machine. For the last 13 years, since the Telegraph media publications have been revealing the plunders of the oligarchy by documents and facts, there have been thousands of fake news items about Peevski.

The fake news factory uses manipulations, misinformation and repetition of outright lies and mostly it uses the talking points dictated by Prokopiev. The reason for spewing these fake news items is the legislative activity of the lawmaker. The commonly known as “the 2018 Peevski amendment for CorpBank” to the Bank Insolvency Act stopped the secondary plundering of the bank. The bankruptcy administrators managed to return to the insolvency estate BGN 1.25bn.

Consequently, the clarification of the ownership and media financing made the oligarchy jump out of its skin, because the fact that its fake news were scattered by sites with unclear ownership and financed in the darkness came clear in public. However, the oligarchy got the biggest shock by the lawmaker’s donations for saving human lives in the fight against the coronavirus. Simply because the oligarchic circle did not give a single penny in these campaigns.

Actually, the talking points are focused around five plots. The first one is companies and businesses of behind-the-scenes competitors to be ruined. The oligarchy cannot exist without public resources, which is why it clears competing companies from the public procurement. In second place comes the fictional thesis of Peevski's media monopoly, given that he owns a total of five newspapers, as well as about the distribution of print publications.

This talking point collapsed due to National Statistical Institute’s data that in 2019, in Bulgaria were published 223 newspapers, 32 of which daily ones. Two years ago, the Commission for Protection of Competition in its media analysis shattered the insinuations that Peevski holds a monopoly on print media distribution. The state has already taken distribution into its own hands through the Bulgarian Posts and thus the lies of the mainstream media machine have finally run upon the rocks.

The fourth plot is about the CorpBank, which aims to hide the plunders of Bulgarian Madoff. Fifth place takes the attempt, the Russian relationship of the fugitive banker to be attached to Delyan Peevski. They shone when the Pharaoh Tsvetan Vassilev tried to donate gold assets for BGN 1bn, bought with the money of the deceived depositors of CorpBank, to his Russian patrons. Once through the gang for 1 euro of the Belgian citizen with Russian passport Pierre Louvre, behind whose back was sitting the Kremlin oligarch Konstantin Malofeev. Then to Malofeev's person Dmitry Kosarev.

Finally, by financing with the same assets the hellish plan, which aimed to return Bulgaria to the Russian orbit again. The main protagonists in the conspiracy, Malofeev and KGB General Leonid Reshetnikov, have been banned from entering Bulgaria for a period of 10 years.

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