Mainstream turns brown due to Prokopiev's embrace with El Chapo and lies about Delyan Peevski

The mainstream met the dawn in brown after another oligarchic embrace. After all behind-the-scenes media have reprinted the yellows on the website over the weekend, on Monday they directly turned brown in their frantic efforts to bind the national meeting of prosecutors with the name of the oligarchs’ hated enemy - Delyan Peevski.

The tuning was given by the embrace of the gambling boss with 19 felony charges Vasil Bozhkov, called El Chapo, whose reflection hangs over the website for fake news in question, with the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, whose personal press centre Frognews finalised the fabrication of Yesterday, the indicted boss Ivo Prokopiev joined the same embrace with El Chapo for spreading slanders and talking points, through his neglected outlet Dnevnik, which presents the flagship of his manipulation machine.

The hatred of the opposition MP and publisher of Telegraph Media goes already beyond all bounds of normalcy. It is curious, however, where the otherwise assertive Reporters without Borders and Ivo Prokopiev's “bat” for European pressure - the Association of European Journalists - have covered themselves like rats in this situation, in order to condemn the outright circulation of fake news and  lies about the most inspected person in our country.

Apparently, the brown websites of behind-the-scenes clique enjoy the approval of the pseudo-journalistic organisations controlled by Prokopiev, and their only activity is shown when they have to defend their patron and ringleader of the Capital circle - Ivo Prokopiev. It seems that it is not enough that the private court, headed by Lozan Panov, also works under his dictation, where all attempts for justice in Bulgaria crash in the end.

The collective circulation of fake news items by the mainstream media machine will bring our country not to 111th place in terms of press freedom, but to 333rd place. The credit for this goes namely to behind-the-scenes media, which are slaves to the private interests of their masters - indicted oligarchs, produced under the protection of the former PM Ivan Kostov, who created the parallel state and granted it to them.

The gambling boss Vasil Bozhkov once again led the brown team. The rich man, named El Chapo, because of his mafia style and lifestyle, broke his weeklong silence in order to remind that he was the one who orders the events. Then all of the oligarchic association selflessly joined in with their own interpretations of his lies, aiming to demonstrate that they are acting united, and to confirm that they obey to the symbolic mobster of transition to democracy period - El Chapo. Strictly observing the talking points of the oligarch-publisher Ivo Prokopiev, as they are at a loss for words without them. Thus, the stinking event treacherously showed up.

It is not a surprise to anyone that the former daily newspaper and current website Dnevnik of the oligarch-publisher Ivo Prokopiev, recognised El Chapo as its author and actively reprints his wholly Facebook pollution.

It is not a surprise that Agent Academician of the former State Security - Ognyan Stefanov, has issued an order to his illiterate team to reprint every lie, which is addressed to the lawmaker Delyan Peevski, and he himself appears to be the “heavy artillery” with several aliases.

It is not a surprise that Hristo Ivanov lies unscrupulously, defending his nickname Pinocchio, and denies his own ideas of judicial reform, the way and time it suits him best. Delyan Peevski is a thorn in the side of whole this breed of interestеd and  paid people, because the oligarchs cannot swallow that the latter is not like them. If, after all, the "borderless reporters" decide to get out of their deep sleep and decide to analyse the vicious practice of quoting fake news media, in order to launder the false information there, we recommend them to start from the website of Nikolay Feodorov Nizol -

It is no coincidence that this website is run by a team of programmers of El Chapo's sweetheart – LiLana. Moreover, the website clearly shows the style of the retired protester Ivet Dobromirova, who fled from Bulgaria after being accused of questionable practices by her own former comrades from the protests. Today, she leads El Chapo's troll army and is completely ruining his reputation through her advice on his Facebook appearances. The activity of both mistresses is generously financed by El Chapo, most probably with the BGN 700 million, which he owes to the treasury.

The private interests brought together all the oligarchs, united by a common goal - to ruin the state. Vasil Bozhkov, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev. They are all trying to come on the stage dressed in white. However, the brown journalism they sponsor does not help it.

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