Mainstream’s motto: no news without a lie about Delyan Peevski

Every news – a fake news. This is the motto which inspires shock working at the offices of the oligarchic mainstream. The machine generating fakes is buzzing with activity at the media outlets sustained by Bulgaria’s behind-the-scenes clique – a group of indicted oligarchs, such as Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev who for years now are using every newsworthy event in the country for attacking with lies the foes of their mentors.

The next in row example dates to 23 April when the entire assortment of known and unknown websites gravitating to the abovementioned crime ring put to their use the news that the building of the Rodina publishing and polygraphic centre abandoned half way through its construction will be exploded this Sunday and served yet another potion of lies targeting lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.      

It is hardly worth reminding why the oligarchs are attacking the MP. The explanation is simple – they are doing it because of the latter’s legislative initiatives which stave off their shady deals aimed at the secondary plunder of CorpBank. And because of the policy pursued by the media of his publishing group which tirelessly and relentlessly bring to light all crimes that this ring orchestrated by Ivan Kostov, guru of the mafia-style privatization in Bulgaria, used for raking in billions and are still robbing us all. This is exactly why one of the unchanging targets of fake news generated under the baton of oligarchs like Vassilev and Prokopiev is Delyan Peevski. The fakes are based on their talking points sent down to their journalists, as it has transpired from the e-mails which leaked to the press. They contain “some deliberations” by Prokopiev sent down to his allegedly “independent” media outlets of the Capital circle. And, as long as the media in question apparently do not have their own opinion on the matter, the phantasy of the behind-the-scenes bosses is very poor and the fake news commissioned in order to fulfill the plan are being run over and over again only with a changed tune. (Or a changing newsworthy event, sorry!).

The Frognews site, which has long become a private press centre of Tsvetan Vassilev, was the first to set the tone in this tone-deaf libelous choir. The toady media outlet of state Security agent Ognyan Stefanov (aka agent Academician) used the news about the forthcoming demolition of the building to air their yet another manipulation, again not grounded in any facts, namely that it happened after the bankruptcy administrators of CorpBank decided to auction the building for the unpaid debts of the companies allegedly linked to Peevski and his family. What is absurd in this case is the fact that it is not only an open lie but is actually the next in a row attempt to impute to the lawmaker the criminal deeds of Tsvetan Vassilev, the sponsor and mentor of Frognews. Apropos, this has become a tradition for Frognews and the team of Ognyan Stafanov, who owing to the impotence or lapse of reason characteristic of their dictator, on a regular basis are picturing the fugitive banker as a Bulgarian equivalent of the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, actually revealing his true character.                

Now, what is the truth? The abovementioned “unpaid debts” are of the firms directly linked to Tsvetan Vassilev and these are the main links in a chain of dozens of companies which were used for syphoning off billions from CorpBank to his own pocket. 

The building itself and the adjacent land plot were property of IME Technological Centre controlled exactly by the fugitive banker via its daughter company CD Development. This can be readily checked out by one click of a mouse in the commercial and property registers. Another uncontestable fact which may also be checked very easily is that Vassilev used both companies for drawing loans which were further employed in his criminal schemes for ensuring lavish lifestyle for himself, for purchasing deluxe real estates, etc. with the money stolen from the CorpBank depositors. Yet another simple reference would show that, for instance, CD Developmet owes to the bankrupt lender over € 40m, all of them in unsecured loans. It means that the chance that these tens of millions will be restored to the bank borders on zero.

To say nothing of the fact that already in 2014 it became clear that the firms in which Peevski and his family were partners are among the few which paid off their loans, at that not with set-offs but with real money. This fact is confirmed both by the Central credit Register of the BNB with certificates No.99396 dated 13.August 2014 and No.140385 dated 16. December 2014 and by the bankruptcy administrators of CorpBank. The fact that there are no outstanding credits transpires in the numerous reports related to the CorpBank - the parliamentary committee, the international consulting company AlixPartners and other audit firms.

Only the oligarchic mainstream refuses to see these truths because they run counter to the interests of their backstage mentors. That is why the lies of Frognews were readily reproduced, with only small variations but always full of venom, by the sites of the Fake News Factory run by the indicted bosses, among them Club Z of Ognyan Donev, Mediapool of the former spokesperson for Ivan Kostov Stoyana Georgieva, Sega of Sasho Donchev and even the TV channel of the Bulgarian Socialist Party copy pasted it. This, however, is quite logical having in mind that the entire backstage circle is connected by an umbilical cord with the mother-party on the side of the communist nomenclatura and not only.

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