Magic of light in 18% Gravity by Stoyan Yorgov

The first ever Bulgarian photo exhibition by Stoyan Yorgov, who has been living and working in Los Angeles, California, for the past 26 years, will be opened on 24 June at the Rakursi Art Gallery in Sofia.

The show, which will remain on display until 11 July, is entitled 18% Gravity. Over the past eight years, the Bulgarian artist has been using photography as a means of expression. He has over 20,000 shots, some of which will be shown publicly at a later stage.

“18% Gravity emerged completely naturally at a moment in time when I was taking photos of skaters at the Venice Beach concrete ramp and their tireless attempts to defy gravity,” the artist says. “The concrete ramp inspired an association with the grey card that helps calibrate the camera's light meter so that it sees the scene 18% grey at certain light readings.”

Yorgov's camera captures the peculiar light that can be observed during the months of May and June in California - a period known as June Gloom, when the hot desert air meets the humidity from the ocean.

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