Macron to host Merkel at his Mediterranean summer residence

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit today French President Emmanuel Macron at his summer residence situated in a medieval island fortress in the Mediterranean, news wires reported. The two leaders will discuss a range of topics including the situation in Lebanon, anti-government protests in Belarus, the Eastern Mediterranean tensions, the Mali coup, the co-ordination of Europe’s response to the Covid-19 crisis, etc.

Macron and Merkel also plan to talk about the relationship between the EU and China and the African continent, Brexit and other pressing global issues, the French presidency said. Merkel’s visit would be the first time a German chancellor visits the French president’s Fort de Brégançon summer residence since Helmut Kohl in 1985.

Merkel, who is a year ahead her exit from power and is mindful of her legacy, is seeking to cement progress on some long-standing objectives. These include, among others, deciding what relationship Europe should have with a resurgent China, re-imagining the shape of the EU after Britain’s exit, and carving out a role for Europe as a defence power to match is economic might.

In July, Merkel and Macron worked together to persuade EU members to agree to give the bloc, for the first time in its history, debt-raising powers to finance a post-Covid recovery. Fresh from that achievement, attention is now turning to what else the duo can deliver in the time left before they get distracted by the German chancellor’s succession and France’s 2022 presidential election.

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