Lunacy on max: Pinocchio projects his own ideas onto Peevski

Hristo Ivanov (L) and Ivo Prokopiev

Pinocchio’s nose grew up at least 20cm (8in) in just twelve hours. Hristo Ivanov, the puppet party leader, spouted an obscene amount of lies in his latest schizophrenic Facebook live on Tuesday, making sure to mention several times the name of the oligarchy’s hated enemy, Delyan Peevski. Lest he should forget his own words, Pinocchio posted a Facebook message with the talking points.

In his infinite generosity (and stupidity), however, the leader of Yes, Bulgaria outdid himself once again by attributing to Peevski control over the Ministry of Interior and the credit for a Constitution overhaul bill that was actually introduced to parliament by GERB. The draft legislation has nothing to do with opposition MP Peevski, but it does feature alterations promoted by none other than Pinocchio.

Hristo Ivanov projected his own ideas onto the enemy spontaneously and impulsively, without batting an eye. He did not even blush like his twin brother from the carpenter’s shop of former PM Ivan “Geppetto” Kostov – Ivo Prokopiev, who is used to getting real gifts like a true oligarch. Peevski receives no gifts, let alone from the ruling party, whose opposition in parliament is his party Movement for Rights and Freedoms. The same cannot be said for indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, who has spent his entire millionaire’s life riding gifts from his mentor Ivan Kostov and who, having never ran in an election, secured a presence on several consecutive cabinets by installing certain ministers there. Hristo Ivanov was one of them.

Oligarch Prokopiev, who gobbled up as much state-owned assets in the privatisation period as possible, is in a position to lie shamelessly. His doppelganger, Boykikev, is so invested in his own tall tales that he is starting to believe them. But even he is not as crazy as he seems. It was noteworthy that during his evening tour on Tuesday, when he was followed by an assistant equipped with camera to film the one-man show, Ivanov went for a circuitous route – walking by empty tents. Probably to save himself another gaffe. Otherwise, someone might have asked him about that phone conversation, which is surely still ringing in his head as it exposed his behind-the-scenes arrangements with people tied to old protection racket groups. Or someone might have asked him when he is setting sail for the Budzhaka area to try and sneak his way onto the beach there, past Ivo Prokopiev’s security. Ivanov’s tactics turned out to be so successful that even his pals at the website Dnevnik missed his stunt and did not watch the Facebook life until Wednesday morning, when they finally shared Boykikev’s theses, including about the new Constitution. They did so without a critical eye or commentary, as they usually do. He is their guy, after all. Hristo Ivanov does not like being asked questions, especially if they relate to his blunders. That dates back to the time he was justice minister in the Boyko Borissov cabinet. Pinocchio will never take the chance of explaining how, why and on whose recommendation he was parachuted in as a minister, why he accepted the position and for whom he lobbied. Because his nose, already long from all the lying, would automatically grow into a poll big enough to vault him into oblivion. Apparently, Ivanov fails to realise the fact that even the people still protesting in Sofia want to distance themselves from individuals like him because they have seen their true colours – as pathetic instigators. So his move of last resort is to try and defame a man who is completely out of his league. If he was as powerful and charismatic as he would like to believe, Ivanov would be in parliament now. We have seen his potential, or, more aptly put, lack thereof. If he achieves his dream of snap elections and decides to measure up against the politicians he is now lambasting, the result will be predictably the same – he will choke on their dust. Because that is his ceiling.

Unlike Dnevnik, we are not going to remove comments about this political fraud just because they do not suit us. Let us not give him a false sense of importance. But we are not going to agree with him either when he views himself as some kind of modern Napoleon. Let him lie about Delyan Peevski having anything to do with the project for a new Constitution. Let him lie about the police force tasked with protecting ballot boxes being under Peevski’s control. Voters are not stupid and such lies will come back to haunt him. He is the one who dreams hopelessly of rigging the elections. We do not believe in fairytales and we know that Pinocchio will never become a real boy, or a real party leader in this case. Prosecutor general is not on the cards either. Neither is prime minister. Ivanov’s transformation will be in the opposite direction – back to a piece of wood and just as useless.  

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