Lufthansa to slash 22,000 full-time jobs

German airline Lufthansa said on Thursday that it would have to cut 22,000 full-time jobs as it forecasts a muted recovery in demand for travel following the coronavirus pandemic, news wires reported. The group will operate about 100 less aircraft after the crisis, leading to "a total of 22,000 fewer full-time positions in the Lufthansa Group, half of them in Germany". The posts make up 16% of the Lufthansa Group's total workforce of 135,000.

The airline said however that it would look at how it could use schemes for shorter work hours and other crisis arrangements to avoid outright redundancies.

Lufthansa, like its peers, has been brought to its knees by restrictions introduced to curb the spread of the coronavirus. Around 700 of the group's 763 aircraft were grounded at the peak of the lockdowns and it was forced to place 87,000 workers on government-backed shorter hours schemes.

Lufthansa's supervisory board last week approved a €9bn bailout deal from the German government after the company posted a first-quarter net loss of €2.1bn ($2.3bn). The bailout will see the German government take a 20% stake in the group, with an option on a further 5% plus one share to block hostile takeovers.


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