LIFE programme will fund restoring peatlands, renovation of buildings

The Commission has approved an investment package of more than €280m for green projects

Photo: EU Frans Timmermans.

Restoring peatlands, improving waste management and reducing energy consumption in new buildings are among the 120 plus new LIFE programme projects, for which the Commission has approved an investment package of over €280m. Many of the projects are with cross-country scope and will be performed in several EU countries. 

According to the Commission this money will further prompt total investments of nearly €590m to help meet these projects' ambitious goals for environment, nature, and climate action. Compared to last year, this amount is 37% bigger.

The funded initiatives will be dedicated to achieve the European Green Deal objectives by supporting the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Circular Economy Action Plan, contributing to the green recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic, and helping Europe become a climate-neutral continent by 2050, among others.

Saying that the European Green Deal is EU’s roadmap to a green, inclusive, and resilient Europe, Frans Timmermans, EC Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal noted that LIFE projects epitomise these values as they bring together Member States for the protection of our environment, the restoration of nature, and support of biodiversity.

For his part, Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for the Environment, Oceans and Fisheries underscored that LIFE projects can really make a tangible difference on the ground. They bring solutions to some of the most serious challenges of our time such as climate change, loss of nature and unsustainable use of resources, the Commissioner said. According to him, if replicated across the EU at speed and scale, they can help the EU achieve its ambitious EU Green Deal goals and contribute to building a greener and more resilient Europe “for all of us, but also for generations to come”.

Projects on environment and resource efficiency, nature and biodiversity, and environmental governance and information will be propped up with €220m. The remaining over €60m will go to projects that support climate change mitigation, adaptation and governance and information projects.

Funds will be used for developing universal and affordable low-carbon solution that could reduce energy consumption in all new buildings by up to 40%. Part of the money will go for projects that prevent food waste and lead to improved waste management in line with the new EU's Circular Economy Action Plan.

Numerous projects that will help energy-intensive industries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Commission's Climate Target Plan and EU’s climate neutrality objective, will also be financed through this LIFE line. 


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