Lies always get found out, and so do the oligarch’s mainstream media outlets

Lies always get found out. The same is true for the mainstream media machine made up of the oligarchs’ publications. Unsurprisingly, this machine crumbled under the weight of the fake talking points with which it has been inundating the public consciousness and fell into a trap of its own making.

In the process, it exposed the fellowship of its mentors, constructed along the lines of party affiliation (considering the fact that they all hail from the communist nomenclature despite nowadays some of them presenting themselves as leftwing and others disguising themselves as rightwing) and interests, considering their shared goal of avoiding retribution for their crimes.

On 9 July, amid raids into the president’s headquarters at 2 Dondukov Blvd and the subsequent arrests of two of President Rumen Radev’s aides – Plamen Uzunov, advisor on legal affairs and combating corruption, and defence advisor Ilia Milushev – all the main megaphones of the machine for fabrications, at the core of which is the Capital circle of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, with publications funded by the rest of the charged and indicted oligarchs and their leftist mentors supplementing it, spread the same talking point. According to it, the arrests were in retaliation for the speech given by President Rumen Radev the day before, in which he called for the National Service for Protection to stop providing security detail for Movement for Rights and Freedoms’s honorary chairperson Ahmed Dogan and MRF lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. Convenient for the oligarchs but completely false, the talking point was first posited by the website Mediapool ran by Stoyana Georgieva, an eternal spokesperson for former PM Ivan Kostov. By the by, for a long time Mediapool was hosted by none other than Ivo Prokopiev’s Economedia. From there, the talking point was picked up with lightning speed by over a dozen of other websites involved with the machine for manipulations. And so the same baseless thesis was spread by the website Dnevnik, owned by kaolin king Ivo Prokopiev, who is a pseudo-rightwing “white collar”, and Duma, which is the official outlet of the Bulgarian Socialist Party. For a while there, even the headlines were identical before the publications’ mentors apparently caught the gaffe and thought to changes them. But the traces are there in Google, where oligarchs such as Prokopiev and company regularly try to rewrite history and truth about events in Bulgaria, pushing their fake theses.

So what is the truth? The arrests at 2 Dondukov Blvd have absolutely nothing to do with the remarks made the day before by President Rumen Radev, who is obviously controlled by the behind-the-scenes clique. They were the result of a months-long investigation, which was witnessed by the Bulgarian public given the revealed text messages exchanged between Radev’s advisor on legal affairs Plamen Uzunov and indicted businessman Plamen Bobokov, which incriminate the former in influence peddling and lobbyism, and also given the fact that both were questioned in the past few weeks. This narrative was also confirmed by the investigations’ chronology provided by Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev. Radev made his comments on 8 July, while the country’s top prosecutor says the court-issued search warrants were dated 5 and 7 July, respectively. That contradiction prompted Geshev to say: “The investigations have been ongoing for months and Radev should have been aware of these circumstances.” Geshev reminded that such large-scale operations could not possibly be organised and carried out across the nation in one day.

The prosecutor general’s statement can be found in every national media outlet adhering to the criteria for objectivity and keeping to the truth and facts. Naturally, their ranks do not include the oligarchy’s mainstream media machine. The aforementioned timeline of events was conveniently omitted both from the Mediapool article about the press conference given by Geshev and the news coverage provided by the other media outlets affiliated with the charged and indicted oligarchs. Just like these media outlets stubbornly omit other facts. The reason is clear – acknowledging these facts would disprove the talking points formulated by the oligarchs, exposing these media outlets as nothing but disseminators of fake news.

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