Lie about NSP - red scenario for naive people

Delyan Peevski along with his MRF colleagues introduced amendments in the National Service for Protection Act

The last two weeks, the "NSP case" launched in public, with the special direction of the Capital circle, is actually a red scenario for naive people, and its goal is 2 in 1. On the one hand, to denigrate the constant enemies – Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), the honorary chairman of the movement Dr. Ahmed Dogan and MP Delyan Peevski, and, on the other hand, to establish a governmental crisis and to extract political dividends for the script-writers, namely the oligarchs of the transition to democracy in our country and their loyal Communist Party back behind them. However, what is the chronology of the events?

On 22 February 2016, the then Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior Georgi Kostov announced at a press conference that from then on the MP Delyan Peevski had been assigned a guard by NSP, because of a paved attempted murder. This information was received a few days earlier as part of the materials in the case of attempted murder of Aleksey Petrov. That time a significant information was obtained, which refers to a paved attempted murder of MP Delyan Peevski. The former PM Ivan Kostov then explained that the preparation included quite detailed information about MP's habits and visited places, which were not made recently available to the public by media. Specific logistical actions have been carried out, as the assassination attempt was similar by organization to the attempted murder of Zlatomir Ivanov in front of the Sofia Court House and to the murder of Dimata, the Russian, Kostov added. Delyan Peevski himself was initially informed of the signal on Friday, but he refused the state guard. Later, he was dissuaded by the NSP and he agreed to be guarded by the service, Kostov stressed, adding that NSP representatives met with Peevski several times until they managed to convince him that his life was in real danger.

At the end of 2019, the President Rumen Radev made a populist statement about the guard’s status of the honorary chairman of the MRF Dr. Ahmed Dogan and the lawmaker from the movement Delyan Peevski. Shortly afterwards, the party leader Mustafa Karadayi, said in an interview that MRF was preparing changes to the National Service for Protection Act.

"We provide cars and equipment to NSP by ourselves - both for Mr Dogan and for Mr Peevski. You can check it - the cars are ours. The only thing provided are the salaries, because we cannot pay salaries as a party to NSP,” Karadayi then said. Immediately after the New Year holidays, the MRF complied what was said and submitted the proposal with the Parliament's register.

"In accordance with the commitment made by the MRF Chairman Mustafa Karadayi regarding the protection of the Honorary Chairman of the MRF Dr Ahmed Dogan and the MP from the MRF Parliamentary Group Mr. Delyan Peevski, for amendment of the National Service for Protection Act, today the MRF Parliamentary Group through its MPs Mustafa Karadayi, Delyan Peevski, Yordan Tsonev and Hamid Hamid submitted a law, which is amending the National Service for Protection Act", the movement's press office said at the time.  The current legislative proposal regulates the public relations, determining how the NSP shall execute protection of the circle of persons, indicated in Art. 22, para.1, items 2-4 of the law, namely: Members of Parliament, members of the families of the persons under Art. 20, para. 1, as well as other persons, related to the national security, whose encroachment would undermine, weaken or create difficulties of the Republic authorities. It is envisaged these persons, in case there are grounds for ensuring their protection in accordance with the provisions of the law, to pay for their protection at a rate, which shall be approved by the Minister of Finance, and at the proposal of the head of the NSP. The goal is the protection of these persons not to be at the expense of the NSP budget, thus achieving significant financial discipline and limiting the costs for protection, without affecting the inviolability and the rights of the protected person," the movement also stressed.

Although, according to those changes, Rumen Radev remains under the unconditional protection of the NSP, the law seriously affects the president’s interests and in particular, the interests of his wife Desislava. She still uses a car and a driver, as well as a security guard, without any legal grounds for that. Moreover, the last few years the name of the protection service has been involved in a series of scandals precisely because of the first lady. In one of the scandals, Radeva's car was filmed to park in the opposite direction lane of a Sofia boulevard, so that the president's wife could do some shopping at an elite boutique shop.

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