Leftist Gechev and Prokopiev’s mainstream media machine collude against Delyan Peevski

Rumen Gechev

If you have missed Rumen Gechev, former vice-PM in the cabinet of Zhan Videnov, under whose sparing supervision Bulgaria’s banking system collapsed, the country went through one of its biggest crises, and its citizens woke up every day to new astronomical levels of hyperinflation, he is back.

He has returned to do the same he did as a vice-PM – muddy the water in a way that serves those who stole from all of us for decades and are now trying to once again put a hand on public money, our money. He is being dutifully aided by the mainstream media machine created by those same individuals in order to inundate the public consciousness with lies and manipulations. More specifically, he is aided by Mediapool, the website of Stoyana Georgieva, former PM Ivan Kostov’s spokesperson and a sworn mouthpiece for him and his bunch of oligarchs led by the indicted businessman Ivo Prokopiev.

It is no secret that both Gechev, who is currently a socialist lawmaker, and Kostov have the same political background – a deeply communist one. Just as everyone knows about how they tried to pose as market economy apologists with premises borrowed from the communist political economy they used to teach. They even taught at the same educational institution. Against this backdrop, there is nothing surprising about Videnov’s vice-PM, on the one hand, and the website of Kostov and Prokopiev, on the other, joining forces. After all, what the two certainly have in common to this day are their ties to the behind-the-scenes clique.

Perhaps the only surprising element is that this collaboration was illuminated at a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy and Tourism, where facts are supposed to rule the day. Instead, a parliamentary body became the arena of an exchange of fake news. Following the meeting, at which the new management of the Bulgarian Development Bank (BDB) was heard, behind closed doors at that – i.e. in the absence of journalists – a Mediapool representative conveniently asked Gechev whether the name of MRF lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski was mentioned during the discussion as a BDB borrower. “He has a loan, others have too, it is not just him…” the socialist lawmaker said even more conveniently, without even offering facts to support his statement.

What is the truth? No facts pointing to Peevski having a BDB loan were presented at the Committee’s meeting. Simply because he does not have one. Never has. As it has been clearly demonstrated a long time ago, the truth is of no importance to the oligarchy and its mainstream media machine, what matters is that they disseminate lies and repeat them until those are accepted as truths so that the behind-the-scenes clique can cover up its own shady deals and hidden agenda. Because while the media outlets serving the interests of Ivo Prokopiev & Co. spread lies like this one, using mouthpieces like Gechev, who is well-versed on the subject of shady deals himself, Prokopiev is about to grab ahold of BGN 700m earmarked by the state for providing relief through the BDB to citizens and businesses affected by the crisis. He is set to do that through his pawn on the BDB board, Panayot Filipov. To cover up the traces of his latest shameless grab for public resources, Prokopiev is using attacks on his main enemy, Peevski, as a diversion tactic. The MRF lawmaker has long been a thorn in the side of the behind-the-scenes clique because of his efforts to stop the oligarchs’ schemes in Bulgaria through legislative initiatives and because of the policy of his media outlets to expose the crimes of the oligarchs who defrauded the Bulgarian public of BGN 30bn from the privatisation deals struck during Kostov’s term in office alone.

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