Lawyer Ekimdjiev composed an ode to oligarchs and encored his hit about Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The guised singer is demasked. On Wednesday, the so-called human rights activist Mihail Ekimdjiev who obviously mixed up the show programmes, let his mask slip and showed his real face, of the staunch advocate of the oligarchs, in particular of Ivo Prokopiev.

With a concerned air, high degree of anxiety and queer hand waiving the lawyer bemoaned the rich gangsters whose property was arrested and tried to shift the blame for their distrained assets on … Peevski.

The reason for the lawyer’s performance was the ongoing election of the head of the Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF). Quite brazen-facedly Ekimdjiev said on bTV air that the bandits would be tapped out of money after just several days ago it transpired that ACCIAF arrested property worth over BGN 3bn. However, according to the human rights activist, the Commission was nothing but an institutional battering ram. “People are virtually left without income,” their lawyer laments. After that, in a fit of logorrhea, he all of a sudden mentioned lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

The zigzagging path of the lawyer’s train of thoughts is smooth and well-worn. There’s no TV programme in which lawyer Ekimdjiev did not say about Delyan Peevski at least one sentence. As a rule, without any reference to the rest of the narration. This is something like an “encore” which Ekimdjiev performs at one bout before the audience realises what is happening and boos him for lip-syncing.

Ekimdjiev’s song is actually a cover version of the “oeuvres” created by his good friend and patron, oligarch Ivo Prokopiev.

To be the devil’s advocate is not the role of Keanu Reeves but of Ekimdjiev. The devil, in turn, is of Bulgarian origin. Don’t forget that namely this oligarch keeps complaining about his BGN 200m-worth property distrained for laundering the money of the Kaolin mining company. Now it is the turn of his close associate, lawyer Ekimdjiev, to lament instead of him over the same mishaps. Actually ACCIAF was nothing – just empty promises and babble.

Sticking to the talking points of the oligarchs which sell like hot pies among the grant-dependent media, lawyer Ekimdjiev has spread these taking points on air not once. These talking points are sent down to him by those same “institutional victims” which cannot spend at large their money amassed through shady affairs and machinations. Keanu Reeves has other roles too. The role of the devil’s advocate is one and only – to pose as a human rights activist.

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