Laughing stock: El Chapo presents his party with Star Wars lines

Over 78% of Bulgarians believe that Vasil Bozhkov should pay the BGN 700m in taxes he owes the state

Vasil Bozhkov

Vasil Bozhkov, aka the Bulgarian El Chapo, who faces 18 felony charges and is hiding in Dubai because of it, has made a complete fool of himself. The oligarch presented his new political party with Star Wars lines.

“The force is with us and we are with the force,” bumbled El Chapo in a new video that shows him squeezed in a dark blue shirt, sitting behind a desk.

Like some Sicilian mobster, Bozhkov, who defrauded the state out of BGN 700m and fled the country, once again tries to stir up unrest among the Bulgarian people with promises to topple the “junta”; and predicts that someone will attempt to intimidate his future voters, buy their vote, etc. – all methods usually employed by the oligarchy, not legitimate political organisations in the 21st century.

The most striking thing is that calls for direct democracy and rule of law are coming from the fugitive gambling tzar, who stands accused of ordering four murders, among other things, and whose most loyal people have followed and photographed prosecutors and a high-ranking police officer who worked on his case.

Let us remind that El Chapo, in addition to cheating the state and then hiding, has been busy trying to destabilise the government in association with the rest of his fellow indicted oligarchs – Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev, Sasho Donchev and Ivo Prokopiev. In his latest social media post, Bozhkov announced that the platform for signing up to become a member of his political party will soon be up on Facebook. The system that will be used is similar to lottery games – you sign up on a website and then you wait for a call that you have been approved. That goes to show that the Skull, as Bozhkov is also known as, is sticking to his mobster style.

Meanwhile, a Sova Harris poll shows that 78.6% of Bulgarians believe that the oligarch holed up in Dubai should pay the BGN 700m in taxes he allegedly owes the state. Only 8.1% share the opposite view, while 13.3% are undecided.

The survey also includes questions about other persons of interest to the Prosecutor’s Office – the presidential advisor Plamen Uzunov and the infamous businessman embroiled in the Trash-gate scandal Plamen Bobokov, the text messaging between whom has led to the opening of an investigation into influence peddling. The bulk of respondents say confidently that the two broke the law when they negotiated the appointment of their own people as ambassadors of the country.

When it comes to the make-up of the next cabinet, the bulk of respondents do not have strong opinions, but 37.2% believe that the country needs a broad-based coalition.

At the same time, the poll reveals an unenviable position for the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP). Asked how they would vote if the general elections were held today, respondents rank the BSP a whopping 9.1% behind PM Boyko Borissov’s ruling party GERB – with 12.2% and 21.3% of the votes, respectively for the two parties. Political organisations like the IMRO – Bulgarian National Movement; Volya; the oligarchic union Democratic Bulgaria; Revival, Alternative for Bulgarian Revival; Ataka and the National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria all failing to reach the 4% threshold for entering parliament.

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