Kyuchyuk: I expect creation of stable majority in North Macedonia

The new government should rally around a strong, inclusive, reformist consensus and inter-ethnic cooperation

Photo: EP Ilhan Kyuchyuk.

Welcoming the orderly and impartial conduct and the substantial voter turnout during the general elections in North Macedonia on 15 July, despite the difficult circumstances due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bulgarian Renew Europe (Movement for Rights and Freedoms) MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, who is the EP's standing rapporteur on North Macedonia, stated that this all shows a high degree of civic engagement to the country's future.

First results show that the creation of a government will take some time but I look forward for the formation of a stable majority that can take a political responsibility for the European future of the country. “The new government should rally around a strong, inclusive, reformist consensus and inter-ethnic cooperation.”

Together with Austrian S&D MEP Andreas Schieder, Chair of the EP Delegation to the EU-North Macedonia Joint Parliamentary Committee, Ilhan Kyuchyuk commented that the future Parliament and government are expected to have a key role in reaching consensus and advancing the reforms.

“We expect the formation of a solid, stable majority that can take political responsibility for the country's European future. It is essential that after setting up the governing bodies, the parliamentary majority and the opposition start work together for the future of the country. Now, more than ever, consensus on the EU agenda, based on inclusive civic dialogue, would play a key role. That is why we encourage the new government to continue the pro-European and reform-oriented course they adhered to during recent years.”

Kyuchyuk and Schieder called on EU Member States to rapidly agree on the draft negotiating framework, followed by scheduling of the first intergovernmental conference, that will kick off the talks later this year. The accession negotiations will be an additional driving force for strengthening the rule of law in key areas such as human rights, media freedom and fight against corruption.

The European Parliament is committed to continue its work with the Parliament of North Macedonia, building on previous Jean Monnet Dialogue sittings, as well as with the government, which should demonstrate its sustained commitment in reforming in the rule of law domain and effectively tackle the economic, social, health and environmental challenges.

We call on the authorities to take into account the preliminary conclusions on the election process made by the OSCE’s Special Election Assessment Mission, and look forward to the timely implementation of the recommendations of the forthcoming final report, which is expected in the beginning of autumn, they explained.

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