Kostov’s Stoyana adopts fraudulent protester because of Delyan Peevski

The paltry protest staged by an activist of the Association of European Journalists – Bulgaria in Berlin, of which we informed our readers on 19 July, has officially been covered by the №1 website for fake news in Bulgaria – Mediapool. To remove any doubt as to the authenticity of the information posted there, the Berlin protester, who made posters by hand and hung them on a tree outside the Bulgarian embassy in the German capital, presents himself as an independent journalist. Well, how independent he could really be when he reports on his own protest?

The lead role in this schizophrenic article laying claim on truth while being pure fabrication is given to the omnipotent Delyan Peevski – enemy №1 of the oligarchy and the AEJ brand of democracy. The protester used a photo of Peevski to illustrate his tirade about how there is no media freedom in Bulgaria. Then he proceeded to interview himself in order to cover his own impressions in the story. What unparalleled professionalism, we are impressed. No one has thought of such an approach before. The agenda of this clown is pretty clear – to show his boss Ivo Prokopiev that the organisation he is a part of is working hard to justify its pay.

This blundering attempt at a Komsomol activity captures on video passersby getting around the demonstrator with annoyance. The same reaction they would have if he had been in a hotdog costume, trying to sell them suspicious-looking and -smelling buns. But the AEJ-Bulgaria activist forges on because that is exactly the type of impotent initiatives on which Prokopiev’s organisation thrives. They are apt to make up a report, to organise a public stunt with photos printed from the internet. AEJ-Bulgaria has complete media and overall freedom to present themselves as journalists. It as an altogether different matter whether someone believes them.

Protester and journalist at the same time

There is no such thing. In Prokopiev’s news website Dnevnik, activist Rosen Ivanov explains the motivation behind his protest and describes himself as a sideline observer: “The demonstrators stressed that they have no political affiliation and do not support a specific political party and that the protest was based on moral reasons – demanding resignations, trial and jail time for corrupted government officials.”

However, in the video story with identical content that he sent to Mediapool at that same time, he signs off as a journalist.

It is pure madness to pose as an unbiased journalist when you are decked out in posters showing your obvious bias. People like this have been known to quickly gain popularity and then pop up in senior positions around the political GMO Yes, Bulgaria created by former PM Ivan Kostov and Ivo Prokopiev. It will not be a surprise if tomorrow Rosen Ivanov shows up at some party gathering that has three times as many people in its presidium as regular attendees. It will not be a surprise if he rushes to the front to ask questions as a journalist, then goes back to his place on the stage an answers his own questions.   

Something similar was observed with the pathetic initiative of this pseudo-journalist outside the Bulgarian embassy in Berlin.

Twenty-four hours – that is how long it took for the watchful people in the №1 fake news website to open their editorial e-mail and see the journalistic masterpiece of Rosen Ivanov. That is because they are normally off on weekends. That is communism in a nutshell for you. While real journalists in Bulgaria are working, the people of Stoyana Georgieva await instructions. And those always come – either from her or from Ivo Prokopiev.

God knows what kind of devotion the intrepid reporter Stoyana Georgieva must have for her master Ivan Kostov for her to swear her fealty to him for life. But it is a fact that the devoted godmother of fake news in Bulgaria is still going to bat for the Commander. She sings his praises constantly and with gusto. She is also in the corner of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev, towards whom she feels motherly affection. Which is why she adopts all sorts of protégés of her master.

The true media monopoly

Fake news travels lightning quick from Capital to Mediapool and vice versa. That is because there is a direct phone line between the journalists in those two publications. Together with a couple of other media outlets that only formally have different owners, Stoyana Georgieva and Ivo Prokopiev operate as a single media group – serving the interest of the behind-the-scenes clique. They regularly exchange talking points and journalists. They have essentially created a media monopoly tasked with attacking their enemies and it has been functioning for years. In the last couple of years the enemy has been one person – lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

We wish the AEJ-Bulgaria activist well. He is destined to go far with his cardboard democracy. When he has the time, he may want to write down a couple of questions for those who plundered the lucrative assets of Bulgaria, tore down profitable plants, accumulated wealth through illegals schemes and machinations and after all of that created media battering rams that would clean up their image and discredit independent journalism. The Berlin protester can and should ask a few inconvenient questions of his boss Ivo Prokopiev too. When he does that, we can put some faith in his word. If he has not been certified by then. 

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