Kostov’s sauna and castings of Prokopiev

Ivan Kostov (L) and Ivo Prokopiev

Do you know what the origin of the word “casting” is? Its etymology is as ancient as fishing. It is derived from the old Norwegian word for casting a fishing rod. Later they started to use in the process of distributing roles in theaters. The context is clear – someone casts the rod with a bait, the other renders services and you cast him or her in the role.

Centuries have elapsed since then but this way of casting has become the basic principle of staffing policy in a parallel state created by the mentor of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria, Ivan Kostov built upon the money plundered in the course of the mafia-style privatisation. This policy is being pursued nowadays by his pocket oligarch, indicted boss Ivo Prokopiev.
The proof to that is a flagship interview of Lozan Panov, head of the Supreme Court of Cassation for Dnevnik, the site of the Capital circle. In the interview under the affected title, “My successor will pass the casting of Peevski”, Panov follows the tradition of spreading lies without an ounce of evidence and mutually contradictory at that. So, to a subservient question asked by yet another two journalists who play the role of “balls for hire” of their indicted publisher Ivo Prokopiev whether he was “cultivated” by Delyan Peevski for assuming the post of the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation he admitted: “I do not know Mr Delyan Peevski, I have never met him and have no touch points with him. However, I do not doubt that my successor will have to pass this “casting”. 
It remains a mystery why he thinks so after he admitted himself that he has never met the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media. Because neither his ruminations nor the questions asked by the participants in this absurd conversation are relevant. They have been sent down by their commissioner, Ivo Prokopiev, who, by the way, scored his own goal because he described in detail how castings are made within the Capital circle. Because, as Delyan Peevski has never conducted castings, he has never had any need to have judges at his service – on the contrary – he and his media outlet of the Telegraph Media Group have been always fighting for transparent law enforcement for every citizen whereas Prokopiev has always wanted to gain control over justice system in order to escape retribution for his crimes.
For Prokopiev, casting is a way for recruiting new journalists on call – he offers them a job and they render services in return. This is how the principles of the behind-the-scenes clique are working. And it has been working so for years now. The difference is only in the place where it happens. Earlier, the castings were made at the sauna of Ivan Kostov, godfather of the parallel state who handed out commissions and roles to other people naked (according to Gen. Kiril Radev, former head of the National Service for Organised Crime Combat). Now they are becoming so much vociferous during the underground gatherings headed by of their favoured oligarch of the Commander, Ivo Prokopiev, and become official on the pages of the latter’s publications. Thus, the interview of Lozan Panov for Dnevnik is just the way to institutionalise himself as the legal director of the Capital circle holding in the judicial system of Bulgaria. This is the role he has been playing since he assumed this post. The examples proving that are numerous. It suffices to remind how he serviced the interests of the oligarchs in Bulgaria owing to the interpretative ruling of the Supreme Court of Cassation which tied the hands of the Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) in confiscation of property of these same behind-the-scenes players.               
However, Panov is by far not the only one who passed the castings of Kostov and Prokopiev. Ill-famed former chair of Sofia Regional Court Methody Lalov also passed through this backstage distribution of roles and soon after that he was discarded from the judicial system and was listed as candidate in the communal ballot of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria. The other candidate who passed muster is no less ill-famed chair of Sofia city court Kaloyan Topalov who after leaving his post on his own volition became a defence lawyer and continues to pull strings in the judicial system in favour of his mentors.
Former member of the Supreme Judicial Council, Kalin Kalpakchiev, also passed the casting of the behind-the-scenes clique, he was rewarded with a top post as the oligarchic furnace rake in the judicial system, the grant-dependent Bulgarian Judges Association and a post in the Court of Appeal (a promotion from a judge in the regional court before his tenure in the Supreme Judicial Council). Then he continued to curry favours to Ivan Kostov, Prokopiev & Co. The latest example of this shocking decision of the panel chaired by him is the ruling according to which murderer Jock Palfreeman was released on parole. And, while we are still discussing this topic, we should say that Yonko Grozev, Bulgaria’s representative at the European Court of  Human Rights which defends on Strasbourg not the interest of Bulgaria but those of Prokopiev, Kostov and billionaire speculator George Soros. Grozev has been exposed in the report by French experts for blatant cases of conflict of interests as a judge of the Strasbourg court. And what has happened then? He assumed the post in one of the five sections of the court and in its top management. Or, as we said it before, you promise to render service, you get the role. The role of Grozev will help his mentors to tie up the hands of the prosecutors after they failed in debilitating the Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF). This is exactly the role which the other henchmen of Kostov play along with his favorite oligarch, Ivo Prokopiev in the Bulgarian judicial system – to replace the real justice system with a parallel structure servicing their own interests. Just as the principles they used for establishing a parallel state in Bulgaria.

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