Kostov puts B team in the game

Atanas Atanasov with a fake news salvo, he too remains silent about Prokopiev’s hacienda

Just a day after liar №1 in the country Hristo Ivanov, aka Pinocchio, a battering ram for the oligarchy and the Capital circle, turned up in the Rosenets area and unloaded a pack of lies, former PM Ivan Kostov put the behind-the-scenes clique’s B team in the game. Gen. Atanas Atanasov, who serves as something of an avatar for the so-called Commander, made an appearance on bTV, the network providing coverage favourable to the anti-government protests, to put on the latest Capital circus show.

Without providing any evidence to back his words, the former head of the State Agency for National Security and current strawman leader of Kostov’s political creation Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria (DSB) proposed the theory that laws do not apply to the honorary chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Ahmed Dogan and that is why the relevant municipality is only now saying it will look into whether the Rosenets property has been put into operation. He went so far as to drag the name of PM Boyko Borissov into the whole made-up story, saying the latter is in power namely because of Dogan. He claims that in a private conversation Borissov told him in relation to the MRF, “What can I say, brother, we have to pay tithe.” Besides ruminating about the dependencies of those in power and that imaginary symbiosis between Borissov and the MRF, the petite general used his air time to try and shine with his mathematical prowess. His calculations insinuated that the tithe in question refers to a percentage of GDP, which ultimately led him to the conclusion that the sum was BGN 10bn. While on TV, Atanasov made sure to fire a fake-news salvo about the Rosenets case, but just like his coalition partner Pinocchio, he too guiltily failed to mention the hacienda of Capital circle leader Ivo Prokopiev, which illegally cuts off public access to the rocks near Sozopol and to the seashore. The fact that he did not utter a word about that palatial residence, which was made subject to investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office, should surprise no one considering the fact that, along with many others, Prokopiev had the fortune of going through the Commander’s assembly line for oligarchs. It is hardly necessary to remind people that it was Prokopiev who took a serious chunk of the criminally privatised state-owned businesses by being essentially gifted the mining company Kaolin and the Damianitza winery during the period when the country was supposed to transition to democracy on Kostov’s watch.

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