Kosovo votes for parliament

Photo: EU Pristina.

Kosovars on Sunday are casting their ballots in a snap parliamentary election one year and five months after the previous elections, regardless of the complex situation with the pandemic. Also, due to low temperatures, the turnout is lower than in the 2019 elections. Partial results are expected late on the day.

The reason of the snap election is that the country’s Constitutional Court found an irregularity in the parliament’s backing of the last government.

According to the opinion polls, the anti-establishment party Vetevendosje will win between 45% to 55% of the vote for the 12—seat assembly, but  if not secure 61 seats to form a government it should find a partner among the now-ruling Democratic League of Kosovo, or the opposition Democratic Party or Alliance for the Future of Kosovo.

Vetevendosje leader Albin Kurti, who served as prime minister for five months last year, has won support on pledges to fight widespread corruption and on a stance that there should be no compromise in a dialogue with Serbia, which lost control over Kosovo in 1999 after NATO bombed its forces, Reuters reported.

Kosovo as an independent state, this Sunday, is returning to its people as the source of sovereignty,  Kurti told reporters after casting his ballot, quoted by the agency.

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