Kornelia Ninova shocked by revelations about her hotel

The socialist leader Kornelia Ninova was shocked by Telegraph Media's revelations about her super-luxury hotel in Halkidiki (See here). After the media above revealed that the privatisation queen had managed to acquire an expensive property thanks to a loan from the BDB, Ninova had taken her usual tactics - to deny like a communist during a policy questioning.

However, her reaction provoked ironic comments, as no one expected the BSP leader to tell the truth. "As much as she admitted about the behind-the-scenes meetings at various hunting farms and oil company, as much she will tell the truth now," people who are aware commented.

Ninova's reaction is explicably nervous, as Telegraph Media also asked the state BDB how the loan was granted and whether the taxpayers' money was spent in such a way. Apparently, the answers to these questions are of great concern to the Red Baroness, and she has decided to attack now. In addition, her concern can be explained by another reason - the AFERA website published photos of her close friend Maya Manolova, when the latter was leaving the office of the bloody oligarch Vasil Bozhkov, who is hiding in Dubai, apparently after she was there for "support". Now Ninova is very worried that similar photos may appear about her, and this has literally put her on her toes.

Ninova's fear of incriminating evidence against her is not from yesterday. Her name was implicated in the infamous 2006-2007 Frontier case. That time, she was deputy energy minister of Rumen Ovcharov. Then were recorded over 1000 pages of conversations and SMSs, which revealed that the mediator between Krassimir Georgiev – a head of the Frontier company and the investigator Tatyana Sharlandzhieva was Kornelia Ninova. The two talked to each other and to the investigated Georgiev before each interrogation. Thus, the testimony of Georgiev, who was a witness in the case for money laundering by Valentin Dimitrov, was pre-adjusted. After one of the next interrogations, Krassimir Georgiev sent to Ninova the following message: "Your friend is fantastic." This refers to the investigator Sharlandzhieva. Because of wire-tapping and recorded conversations, the Prosecutor's Office filed charges against Ninova and Sharlandzhieva. It is not a secret that Frontier sympathises and sponsors the BSP, which is why the real rise of the circle began with coming of socialists to power. For two years, when the tripartite coalition was in power, Frontier and his affiliated companies have been recognised as one of the most serious players in the energy sector, in the construction and real estate sales.

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