Japanese dance of darkness will be performed in Sofia

A form of Japanese dance theatre known as butoh is at the core of a new show by Bulgarian experimental theatre company Meteor, which will be performed in Sofia on 30 and 31 October. Butoh, or ankoku buto (dance of darkness), is a type of avant-garde dance which raises the most difficult existential questions using extreme means of expression.

The Meteor show, entitled Hijikata and His Double, is a fanciful recreation of early works by the founder of butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata (1928-1986). It starts as a provocative and macabre butoh-grotesque in which the boundaries between Hijikata as a historical figure and Hijikata as a character in the show are gradually blurred until the two are blended in a single body in the unreal space of the stage, making it difficult to tell fact from fiction.

The concept, staging and dramaturgy of Hijikata and His Double were devised collectively by Ani Vasseva, Boyan Manchev and Leonid Yovchev. Japanese philosophers Futoshi Hoshino and Yasuo Kobayashi are consultants for the production.

The show is part of a work in progress by Meteor, whose next phase will be presented in Tokyo on 1 December.

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