Japan gives the UK six weeks to strike post-Brexit trade deal

Prime Ministers of the UK Boris Johnson and of Japan Shinzo Abe at the 2019 G7 Summit.

Japan is aiming to conclude its current trade negotiations with the UK by the end of next month, news wires reported, citing a Japanese government official familiar with the talks. Japan wants to close the deal early as it will need time to check each detail before it can be sent to the Diet for approval, according to the government official. The Diet is expected to start an extra session this autumn.

Hiroshi Matsuura, Tokyo’s chief negotiator in the talks, earlier also told the Financial Times that his nation was giving the UK six weeks to strike a post-Brexit trade deal so both sides needed to limit their ambitions.

Securing trade deals is a top priority for the UK as it emerges into a post-Brexit world. Without a new accord, the two countries will default to trading on WTO, Bloomberg noted.

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