Iva Miteva elected as Speaker of 45th National Assembly

PM Borissov has tendered his Cabinet's resignation to the new Parliament

Iva Miteva

MP Iva Miteva from There Is Such a People has been elected as Speaker of the 45th National Assembly on Thursday. The vote was 163 in favour and none against.

Iva Miteva Yordanova-Rupcheva is the third woman Speaker of the Bulgarian Parliament. She graduated in law from Sofia University. Until now, she was heading the Parliament's EU Legislature and Law Directorate. She has been working for the Committee on Legal Affairs for many years.

Meanwhile, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov has tendered his Cabinet's resignation to the new Parliament. The resignation was announced by MP Mika Zaykova on Tuesday at the inaugural plenary sitting of the legislature, which she presided over, as she is the oldest lawmaker in the newly-elected Parliament.

Zaykova criticised Borissov for his resignation in a letter to the National Assembly Registry and noted that he was either “ashamed of or disparaging to the Parliament” as he did not show up in the debating chamber. “After all, we are a parliamentary republic,” she said.

In fact, all members of the Council of Ministers except two of them (Culture Minister Boil Banov and Environment Minister Emil Dimitrov) were present in the chamber - as part of the GERB parliamentary group, as they were elected on 4 April. Borissov himself was also elected, but he gave up his seat before being sworn in.

Under the Constitution, the Cabinet headed by Borissov will continue to discharge its duties until a new Council of Ministers is being elected, ensuring continuity of government.

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