Italy to test everyone returning from Greece, Spain, Croatia and Malta

Italy's Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Wednesday has signed an ordinance requiring everyone returning to Italy from trips to Spain, Croatia, Malta and Greece to be tested for the coronavirus, ANSA reported. The aim is to stop major outbreaks being caused by the importation of contagion by returning holidaymakers.

"We must continue to be cautious in order to protect the results obtained thanks to sacrifices made by all in recent months," Speranza said after issuing the new rules, which will last until 7 September. The move comes after several regions, including Puglia, imposed their own rules and restrictions on arrivals from certain countries.

Travellers arriving at an airport, port or border crossing can choose from a number of options, including rapid tests on the spot, or the presentation of a certificate obtained within the last 72 hours which shows they are Covid-19 free. They can also choose to carry out a test within two days of entering Italy, but will have to stay in isolation until the results arrive. Anyone found to be positive, including asymptomatic cases, must report to the local health authorities.

More than 251,000 people have been infected by coronavirus and more than 35,000 have died in Italy, once of the worst affected countries in Europe.


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