Italy tightens requirement for Covid Green Pass

Photo: EPA Rail officials in Turin had the task of checking passengers' green passes before they traveled.

The Italian government of PM Mario Draghi on Thursday announced it would tighten requirements for proof of vaccination in the education and care sectors, news wires reported. Anyone entering schools or universities, including parents and non-teaching staff, will from 10 October have to provide a "green pass," which shows proof of vaccination, recovery from or a negative test for Covid-19.

The regulation will also apply to university students but not to pupils in high school or younger. There will be exceptions for those unable to be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Anyone found in schools without a Green Pass could face fines up to 1,000 euros.

Similarly, anyone accessing extended care residences or nursing homes for work will have to provide a Green Pass, according to the proposal green-lighted by the cabinet on Thursday.

Italy already requires passengers to present Green pass in order to use long-distance bus and rail services, domestic flights and ferries linking two regions. The rules will be in place until the end of December, when the state of emergency is set to end in the country, dpa reported.

Italy's medical regulator Aifa meanwhile gave the go-ahead for third jabs of a Covid-19 vaccine for certain people more vulnerable to the illness, in a decision announced on Thursday.

The Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine will be given to those eligible, as long as they are over the age of 12 and their last shot was at least 28 days ago. Those over 18 may also receive the Moderna vaccine with the same interval required.

A third shot of the two vaccines is also available to people above the age of 80 who were vaccinated at least six months ago.

Health workers can also receive a third jab if their work brings them into close contact with the virus.

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