Italy’s PM Conte signs new emergency decree

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte on Sunday signed a new package of anti-coronavirus measures, including the mandatory closure of all bars and restaurants by 6 pm, dpa reported. Conte's decree also shuts down cinemas, theatres, gyms and swimming pools, ski resorts, concert halls, trade fairs and conferences. Museums are to remain open, but with limits on visitor numbers.

Bars and restaurants will be allowed to operate past 6 pm only for takeaway and home delivery service.

The latest emergence decree mandates a switch to online lessons for at least 75% of high school students, and "strongly recommends" residents avoid receiving guests at home and forego all non-essential travel.

The new rules apply from Monday until 24 November.

Italy is struggling against a mounting second wave of coronavirus infections. On Saturday, daily infection figures rose to a record 19,644 cases, and daily deaths climbed to 151, a five-month high.

Business groups have complained about new restrictions, and there were violent protests in Naples and Rome over the weekend against night-time curfews already in place.


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