Italy's government accused of shifting to mayors responsibility for virus curfews

Mayors in many parts of Italy have objected to a package of new measures aimed at combatting the spread of COVID-19 approved by PM Giuseppe Conte's government, ANSA reported. In a bid to prevent people contracting the disease while out socializing, city and town mayors will have the power to close squares and other areas where groups gather at night at 21:00.

"It's not acceptable that the mayors have to be the ones who close the squares and streets of night life", Bari Mayor Antonio Decaro, the head of local authorities association ANCI, told Radio Capital.

Turin Mayor Chiara Appendino said the closure of streets and squares in this way "cannot be the job of individual administrations". She said such a move would have to be agreed with other regional authorities and public institutions, adding that local police forces on their own would not be able to impose these closures.

Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Boccia denied trying to shift responsibility for the latest unpopular measures, which will last until 13 November.

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