Iranian parliament labels entire US military a terrorist force

Iran lawmakers also authorise firm action against US 'terrorist' acts and all countries that support them

Iranian parliament.

Iran's parliament passed a bill on Tuesday that designates all US military forces as terrorist groups and requires the government to take firm steps to respond their "terrorist actions". According to a report by the semi-official ISNA news agency 173 out of 215 lawmakers at the session voted in favour of the bill.

"The bill authorises the government to take firm and retaliatory measures against terrorist activities of American forces that endangers Iran's interests," TV reported. "The government should use legal, political and diplomatic measures in response to the American actions."

The bill also demands the Iranian government take unspecified action against other governments that formally back the US designation. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Israel have all supported the Trump administration’s designation.

The legislation comes as a retaliatation against Washington's blacklisting of the country's elite Revolutionary Guards last week. It also follows US decision on Monday, in accordance to which no contry would be exempt from US sanctions if they continue to buy Iranian oil. In response, a commander of Iran's IRGC said that Tehran would block all exports through the Strait of Hormuz in the Gulf if Tehran is barred from using the waterway, where a fifth of global oil consumption passes on its way from Middle East producers to major markets.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif also commented on the Washington move, stressing that the heightening economic pressure on Iran showed that Washington was in panic.

"Escalating #EconomicTERRORISM against Iranians exposes panic & desperation of US regime — and chronic failures of its client co-conspirators," Zarif Tweeted on Tuesday.

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