Intrust firm of Delyan Peevski donated BGN 184,000 to three hospitals

The MP also donated BGN 44,000 to the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences for developing cure for Covid-19

Delyan Peevski

The Intrust company of Delyan Peevski made a big donation worth of BGN 184,000 for three hospitals in Bulgaria. These are the Pirogov emergency hospital in Sofia as well as the hospital in Vidin, the biggest hotbed of infection in the country along with Kyustendil.

BGN 34,000 were provided for Pirogov emergency hospital meant for supporting the medical professionals infected with Covid-19. Currently they number 34 persons. Two breathing ventilators were donated by the lawmaker for the Vidin hospital, as well as BGN 63,000 in financial aid. Of this sum, BGN 10,000 are to be allocated for purchasing monitors and infusion pumps for two breathing ventilators, BGN 22,000 are meant for the medical professional fighting with the coronavirus on the frontline and BGN 31,000 will be allocated for supporting the medics infected with Covid-19.

Just a day ago it became clear that the infected medics in Vidin number 30 which accounts for 10% of the hospital’s medical personnel. This is the reason why the medical facilities across Bulgaria are recruiting volunteers who will help in treating the patients.

Apart from his earlier donations, Delyan Peevski donated 30 protective garments of the best quality, as well as goggles, masks and helmets along with BGN 5,000 as an aid for the Kyustendil hospital. The next in a row aid from the lawmaker for the medics on the frontline was handed to the medical facility by mayor of the Belitsa municipality Radoslav Revanski who is the coordinator of the donations made by Delyan Peevski, deputy floor leader of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) Halil Letifov and regional coordinator of the MRF Emil Venev.

Donation worth BGN 44,000 from MP Delyan Peevski have received the researches of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) who are developing a vaccine against Covid -19. The virologists of the Microbiology Department with BAS Institute of Microbiology are making research targeting a molecule which exterminates the virus but is not toxic for people. The scientists admitted that the donation from Peevski came as a surprise to them. The news has come days after that the lawmaker donated to BAS another BGN 50,000 to support the efforts of the Academy in the fight against coronavirus.

The Intrust company of Delyan Peevski made a gratuitous donation – 16,000 testing kits for Sofiamed hospital. The donation is worth BGN 16,000.

This is by far not the first gesture the MP makes to support the hospitals. Several weeks ago, Peevski sent another BGN 112,000 to Sofiamed for the purchase of testing kits as well as for PRC tests for the ambulance staffers who will be tested for coronavirus in situ thanks to his donation.  

Peevski is the biggest donor from the outset of the pandemic up to now. He has actually lavished money on hospitals and the infected people. He has donated expensive medical equipment, protective gear and bonuses for the medics on the frontline worth over BGN 5m.

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