Infection curve back up in Italy after 4 days down

After four days going down, the curve of coronavirus infection Italy started rising again Thursday, with 4,492 more people positive for COVID-19 than Wednesday, ANSA reported, citing the data from civil protection department

This compares to a daily rise of 3,491 on Wednesday, 3,612 Tuesday, 3,780 Monday and 3,957 Sunday.The department said 62,103 people are currently infected with the coronavirus in Italy. It said 8,165 people have died with the coronavirus, 662 more than Wednesday. Wednesday's rise on the number of dead had been 683, while on Tuesday the rise was 743.It said 10,361 people have recovered from the coronavirus in Italy, 999 more than Wednesday.

The total number of contagions in Italy, including the deceased and the recovered, is 80.539.

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