Indicted oligarchs cheat US about Peevski

The minions of Prokopiev and Vassilev managed to push through hackneyed talking points for the US report

Delyan Peevski

We don’t know if you noticed it but as weeks go by a report targeting the lawmaker of the opposition Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski appears in some of the sites of the indicted oligarch. And it is never “just a report” but an authoritative document, full of scary conclusions, namely how bad it is to be a people’s representative.

The illustration to this example is available on Frognews, the favourable site of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. Don’t be misled by the facts that substantial evidence transpired concerning generous tranches paid from the CorpBanlk depositors’ money which Vassilev paid to owner of Frognews – State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov. No! The indicted fugitive from the law loves Frognews free of charge and the negligible site returns favours as an obedient pet ready to bite every enemy of his master. In this atmosphere of paid love Frognews has an everyday task to spew out compromising materials against Peevski, whom their boss doesn’t like at all. And how could it be otherwise? Peevski is the inconvenient spanner put into the oligarchic wheels of their affairs and criminal schemes. One day he may move in a law which will forestall the attempts at secondary plunder of CorpBank, which has been already gnawed to shreds, the other day he may propose amendments to normative acts which oblige the media to declare their financial sources. And so the truth transpires about the inexplicable cash flowing to the “independent” media from the indicted oligarchs.

Vassilev is not the only person in this group. There are other pets of former PM Ivan Kostov and Ivo Prokopiev who for years have been proving that they can be obedient and can smear the enemies if ordered. Apart from the fact that the indicted oligarchs are really mad at Peevski because he, as the publisher of Telegraph Media, does not e-mail talking points to his journalists like Prokopiev does (who, by the way, made his employees and his editorial policy along with all technical appliances a collateral for a bank loan (Ed.’s note). In contrast Peevski lets his media outlets be free and they disclose the criminal schemes of the behind-the-scenes clique in Bulgaria. 

As regards the free media beyond the oligarchic control, they are a real thorn in the side of the indicted bosses. That is why the oligarchs stand together and send a clear message to their pawns – do slander Peevski! The easiest way to do it is through all kinds of reports. And the crime lords feel the happiest when the reports come from the US, because they want Peevski to be seen overseas as an evil and so to diminish the danger of exposing the affairs of the Bulgarian oligarchs which Peevski brings to light. This is a clear and simple plan which, however, has been on the table for years.

In this case the most alarming fact is that the sources of these reports are the NGOs linked with the Bulgarian oligarchs. This is vicious circle that prevents the flow of information about the Bulgarian reality to US. And this reality shows that Prokopiev, driven by greed, nearly obliterated a resort town of Merichleri and is fleecing the citizens of Bulgaria owing to extremely high electricity bills of the windpower mills. Tsvetan Vassilev has plundered a whole bank and he is still living in luxury in Belgrade while oligarchs Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev became millionaires who made wealth from natural gas and medicines, again at the expense of common Bulgarians.

If the Media Development Investment Fund, which spread the successive hackneyed talking points aimed against Peevski, could conduct a real investigation concerning the status quo of media in Bulgaria they would have been amazed at the results. And the result is not in the false claims that Peevski holds control over 80% of the distribution of press in Bulgaria (which can be easily checked). (In this sector the lawmaker does not have any share Ed.’s note). Neither is it mentioned in the description of the already non-existent holding. All in all, they could see that Telegraph Media is a subject to continuous censorship attacks.

At the request of different parties sustained with the oligarchic money so far the Central Electoral Committee has banned three books revealing the results of the investigations of the back-stage affairs in Bulgaria.

Only a week ago the trademark of the most popular Bulgarian daily, Telegraph was ordered to be erased by an unprecedented ordinance of a prosecutor. They would have seen that phrasings like “state financing is an especially effective instrument in times when many media platforms are facing financial difficulties due to reduction of incomes” do fit like a glove to the indicted oligarchs who for lack of readers sustain their publications with grants and all kinds of EU funds. And with the money of the oligarchs, don’t miss that.

However, the US fund is not aware of that, because they draw information from the wrong sources – NGOs and people who are used to make success resorting to lies and serving up an oligarchic group. When such “friends” become you entourage lie becomes part of you regardless of whether it happens on purpose or not.

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