IMAGO presents pop-up exhibition in Sofia

After a one-year break, IMAGO International Artist Residency is once again hosting artists from around the world who have chosen to develop their projects as part of the residency programme in the village of Tsarimir, Bulgaria.

On 26 June, the exhibition will present three artists - Ties Ten Bosch (Netherlands/Berlin), Gabriela Dellosso (USA) and Verdarluz (USA). Although aesthetically and thematically each of them is tempted by different topics and artistic practices, their artworks are united by a certain approach of assimilating images and content. An approach in which the visual and conceptual aspects of the works stem from fragments, found in the original source of inspiration - an object, an image, a historical figure or a narrative.

Ties Ten Bosch ( is a conceptual artist who's been using layers of advertisement posters from the urban environment as a core material for his current project. These posters are recreated into ideological and sculptural matter, embodying social comments with a pleasant humorous tone.

The main focus of Gabriela Dellosso ( is realistic painting. In this case the series of works is dedicated to women artists from the history of art with whom the artist feels existentially connected. In the context of art history, some of them are less known and greatly underestimated. Among the selection is the Bulgarian artist Elena Karamihaylova. Each work is a synthesis of images and poetry, which have evolved into a form of meta-representation.

In recent years, Verdarluz ( / has been tempted mostly by poetry and ambient music, the return to the visual arts is inspired by the residency programme. In this case he creates digitally treated photography which is always associated with a presence of energy and spirit - themes directly related to his personal perception of the world. Along with the photography, the artist will present several meditative video art works and two musical performances.

The exhibition will take place at SeeMeOn, 29 Tsar Simeon Street, from 5.00pm until 9.30pm. Visitors can experience two musical performances by Verdarluz: at 7.00pm and 8.00pm.

Curators are Teodora Konstantinova and Radoslav Mehandzhiyski from Art and Culture Today.

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