Illusionist Cholakov pulls a lie about Delyan Peevski out of his top-hat instead of a rabbit

Petar Cholakov

Petar Cholakov, who is Ivo Prokopiev’s guy in the Bulgarian desk of Deutsche Welle, has one job: to voice the oligarch’s thoughts. The master of the mainstream media machine in Bulgaria, Prokopiev has been trying to escape the clutches of the judicial system for years. To that end, former PM Ivan Kostov’s favourite “investor” during the privatisation process uses all sorts of dirty and despicable machinations. Mostly, he tries to pull wool over people’s eyes by using his giant media empire to produce fake news as well as cheap scripts to exert influence on the executive and judicial branches of power.

The main enemy of the so-called “mainstream” is lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. He has this dubious honour because his legislative initiatives stopped the secondary plundering of CorpBank and helped return over BGN 1.25bn to the lender’s insolvency estate. Moreover, the publications that are part of Telegraph Media have made numerous revelations over the years about the oligarchy’s shady deals worth billions of levs. Not to mention that Delyan Peevski has been donating to a number of noble causes of late, purely out of empathy and charitable spirit.

Peevski’s relief efforts have turned out to be a terrible, unbearable torture for the eyes and ears of Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Vasil Bozhkov and that entire gang of thieving billionaires. Because those efforts have demolished their years’ long smear campaign against the lawmaker.

This is why Prokopiev’s people activated an army of minions to attack Delyan Peevski. In this particular case, Cholakov wrote something completely laughable – that Peevski and PM Boyko Borissov are secret owners of the financially troubled football club FC Levski. This officially earns him a spot on the circus company trotted out by Vasil Bozhkov, who brought to the sports club the biggest shame in its 106-year-old history. While everyone was lamenting the crisis in FC Levski and helplessly fretting, Delyan Peevsi donated BGN 500,000 to the cause of saving the club. That gave everyone hope that FC Levski might survive the Bozhkov’s catastrophic lottery.

However, Cholakov took the story and whipped up a concoction of lies and manipulations, in which, at the request of the oligarchy, he put the obligatory pinch of Peevski. The village of Tsrancha and the volleyball club Hebar also received a big donation from Peevski, and here is the time to inform Prokopiev’s people that he is not from that village and he was never one of those kids cheering Hebar in the stands.

Cholakov has always looked like an illusionist to us – especially when he dresses up in the old-fashioned glam style of a lottery ticket salesman. We keep expecting him to pull a rabbit out of his top-hat. But it is never a rabbit – Cholakov invariably pulls out some malicious pieces of political intrigue bereft of facts. And Prokopiev throws some of his dirty money in the top-hat as reward. Meanwhile, the oligarchy’s political lottery, which Cholakov tries to present as the truth, offers as much of a chance of winning as one of those three-lev scratch tickets Bozhkov used to sell.

Petar Cholakov just did his latest exercise in spinning fake news about Delyan Peevski. This time, however, he dragged FC Levski into it, whose fans constitute half of the Bulgarian population, give or take. The entire country is already bristling against the oligarchs who plundered the nation’s economic assets and are now living the big life thanks to having established monopolies in key economic sectors like energy, pharmaceuticals, gambling, etc. Add the FC Levski fans to that, and now the oligarchs have the “love” of one-and-a-half times the Bulgarian population. 

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