If Peevski was from Razgrad…

The oligarchy’s new talking point: Everyone in Pazardzhik is a “puppet of Delyan Peevski”

Delyan Peevski

A staggering level of accord has been observed with the puppets of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev – in complete unison, both groups embraced the new “Pazardzhik – Peevski” talking point. But if someone has to be awarded the badge for setting the tone, that honour goes to the screeching democrats of the Capital circle.

The people of Ognyan Stefanov, owner of Frognews and former State Security agent with the alias Academician, croaked the same talking point a half day later. The NGO Justice for Everyone and Frognews did not even try to hide the synchronicity between them. The chairperson of the “civil initiative” Velislav Velichkov suddenly had an epiphany about a Pazardzhik element in Ivan Geshev’s candidacy for prosecutor general, while Agent Academician’s scribblers focused on an investigator, whose right to grow professionally they seem to deny just because she was born in Pazardzhik too!

Following the bizarre logic of this new alliance of interests, that particular Bulgarian city must be erased from the map. Anyone born in that area has to apparently deal with the stigma of a “puppet of Peevski”. The negative connotation ascribed to this label by the shrieking keepers of the new order in Bulgaria and the minions of the financial fraudster hiding in Belgrade Tsvetan Vassilev is clear – they are all parroting the same fundamental talking point that there is one almighty person in the country, the epitome of evil, and that is lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. He, by the way, was born in Sofia. However, that does not stop the Capital – Frognews tandem from temporarily positioning him in Pazardzhik just because that is his constituency. What if he were from Razgrad? What if he somehow were part of the so-called Lamb Heads clique? The NGO of the Razgrad oligarch Ivo Prokopiev is silent on that score, as are Agent Academician’s “frogs” – perhaps because both groups realise the absurdity of such a hypothesis.

The people involved in the highway robbery that was the privatisation process in Bulgaria (protégés of its mastermind former PM Ivan Kostov) and their associates present a very aggressive and dirty stratum lacking in any sense of guilt and shame. Who are their partners in this mucky game? Agents of the former State Security and bank fraudsters – individuals who have no right to preach morality. You may notice that they are staying in the shadows, though, letting their puppets be the front-line unit.

Does anyone remember former lawmaker Velislav Velichkov? Do you associate him with a particular legislative initiative? No? Well, you are not alone? Beyond his involvement with the Justice for Everyone project (an organisation with murky goals and financing sources), he is supposedly presenting himself as a lawyer. We have no idea what kind of cases he takes on or how he even finds the time with all his public engagements. We do know, however, for whom he used to work. We know who helped him get into politics and climb in the ranks. What we do not know is why; well-mannered people do not get into other people’s business. The goals of this “civil initiative”, however, are clear. One is to discredit Ivan Geshev’s candidacy for prosecutor general, as the behind-the-scenes clique wants some opaque structures (masked as NGOs) to nominate and elect the top prosecutor in the country. You can bet your bottom dollar that the ideal candidate for the position in their eyes is a clone of the head of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov, who every NGO and “initiative” of the shadowy players sees as the perfect prospect for everything. As a last resort, they may settle for a reserve player from the grant-funded clique. How about Kalin Kalpakchiev? Was it not Hristo Ivanov the one who, in his capacity as minister of justice, pushed for the differentiation of judges’ and prosecutors’ colleges? Now the leader of Yes, Bulgaria is renouncing his own ideas and calling for the judges (the grant-funded judges) to elect the prosecutor general too, from their own ranks, of course. It would be even easier for them if oligarch Ivo Prokopiev organised some secret, ARGO-gate-type meeting to nominate and elect the preferred people.

Judges, prosecutors, attorneys – the screeching democrats do not distinguish much between them, so long as the nominations are identified to them as the proper one by the organisers of the “civil discontent”. And if anyone dares to oppose them or show skepticism of the lobbyist sentiment, that person is immediately attacked by the media battering rams of the Capital circle and the army of internet trolls as a dangerous precedent. As it turns out, if you are able to think for yourself and have an opinion, you are from the Peevski circle. The oligarchy’s puppets do not have to think, they are told what to think. All they need to do is shout as loud as they can and show up for public protests – it is a demo version of democracy.

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