iPhone output in India slumps by 50% due to Covid-19 cases surge

Photo: EPA

The robust spread of pandemic in India placed under serious pressure several production companies. The country is known as the world's biggest outsourcing hub for western conglomerates. The output of the Apple flagship iPhone 12 at a Foxconn factory in India has slumped by more than 50% as Covid-19 infections among employees accelerated and workers had to leave their posts, Reuters reported.

The Foxconn facility in the southern state of Tamil Nadu produces iPhones specifically for India, the world's No.2 smartphone market.Tamil Nadu is one of the worst hit states in the second coronavirus wave in India. Officials have enforceda full lockdown in the state effective from Monday, closing public transport and shuttering shops, to try slow surging infections. More than 100 Foxconn employees in the state have tested positive for Covid-19 and the company has enforced a no-entry ban at its factory in the capital of Chennai until late May. Employees are only allowed to leave but not to enter the facility since Monday. Only a small part of output is being kept. More than 50% of the plant's capacity had been cut. It was unclear how many workers were at the facility, which provides dormitory accommodation for employees.

Taipei-based Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics maker and a major supplier to Apple, said a small number of employees at one of its facilities in India tested positive for Covid-19 and the company was providing them with support, including medical assistance.

India has benefited from Apple’s move to shift some areas of production from China to other markets as it navigates a trade war between Washington and Beijing, with Apple announcing in March it had started the assembly of the iPhone 12 in India.

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