I hate music… but I like to sing

The second concert of the cycle Music Without Borders will be performed on 20 March on the stage of the Stara Zagora State Opera. I Hate Music… but I Like to Sing starts a series of special multi-genre chamber concerts, which will offer the audience surprising and pleasant meetings with unfamiliar works from among the world's musical treasures, interpreted by the opera's star soloists.

The concert I Hate Music… but I Like to Sing is an idea of Stara Zagora State Opera's soloist Rusalina Mochukova, who has been a very successful guest artist with a similar chamber programme in Europe and the US. Now, together with pianist Denitsa Petrova and actress Svetla Todorova, she will presented it for the first time to Bulgarian audience. Along with Pergolesi, Giordani, Hahn, Obradors, Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and others, the Bulgarian composer Parashkev Hadjiev is also present in the programme with his song My Love. The title of the concert is borrowed from Leonard Bernstein's song I Hate Music… but I Like to Sing, which is part of his cycle of five songs for children and unites the entire concept of the concert.

“It's always a great celebration for me when I have the opportunity to perform chamber music. It gives me a different feeling of music making, of greater closeness and musical co-experience with the audience. All this peculiar intimacy between performers and audience brings exceptional harmony and opens the human senses. Together with the actress Svetla Todorova and the pianist Denitsa Petrova we have created the project I hate music… but I like to sing, which praises this passionate bond with music, this complex and discouraging, often irritating passion that makes all musicians and artists strive for perfection. Some of the most expressive songs of Reynaldo Hahn, Fernando Obradors, Richard Strauss, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Leonard Bernstein and others will sound in five different languages: Russian, French, English, Italian and Spanish. Interweaving sonnets by Shakespeare and poems by Pushkin and Leontiev, we will present the theme of Love in all its variety.

I Hate Music… but I Like to Sing reminds us, as well as our audience, how much fun this thing that we musicians love to do could be,” shares Rusalina Mochukova.

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