Hyundai exports 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell cars to France

The partnership is part of country's Plan Hydrogène, aimed at making France a world leader in this technology

Hyundai Motor is reportedly getting ready to roll-out fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen infrastructure in France as it is planning on exporting 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles to the EU country by 2025. The carmaker also plans to sign initial agreements with local companies to promote hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV), the company said in a statement.

Today, Hyundai will sign a memorandum of understanding with Air Liquide and Engie for the spread of the emission-free car and charging stations in France. Under the deal, the two French companies will establish fueling stations for FCEVs across France by the target year. The fueling infrastructure is for both passenger and commercial vehicles that use hydrogen and is part of country's Plan Hydrogène, aimed at "making France a world leader in this technology,” according to Minister Nicolas Hulot

France is however not the only potential partner on the list. Hyundai has also shipped a total of 100 NEXO FCEVs to government organisations, start-ups and research institutes in the United States, Germany, Norway and the Netherlands since July, Yonhap News quotes a company spokes person.

US management consulting firm McKinsey & Company in November 2017 noted that the Hydrogen Council expects that the world’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle market will grow to 400m passenger cars; 15m-20m trucks; and 5m buses by 2025.

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