Hungary records biggest daily rise in coronavirus cases

Hungary's confirmed coronavirus cases have increased by 210 to 1,190, which is the single largest daily increase since the outbreak of the virus, government data showed on Friday. PM Viktor Orban's government prolonged a nationwide lockdown indefinitely on Thursday to slow the spread of the coronavirus, asking citizens to observe the order despite the Easter holiday. So far 77 people have died diagnosed with coronavirus.

"This Easter will differ from the ones we know," Orban said in a video recorded in his office and posted on his Facebook page. "The curfew restrictions have been reasonable and successful as they have slowed the spread of the epidemic." The government would review the need to maintain the lockdown each week, Orban said, adding that municipal governments would be allowed to impose special restrictions that ensure local communities are protected.

Friday's jump in cases includes 151 infections in an old people's home in Budapest, of whom seven people had died. According to the government, the number of infections could increase further still in the facility, which has a capacity of more than 500 people, as laboratory tests were still being conducted.

Nearly half of confirmed cases were registered in the capital Budapest, the government tally showed, asking citizens to observe population movement restrictions during the holiday weekend. As spring weather arrived in recent days, Hungarians sought out leisure spots, prompting mayors and local councils to plead everyone to stay away. A number of local governments have taken restrictive measures of their own, limiting access to holiday spots and closing car parks around them.

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