Hungary expects coronavirus peak on 3 May, Orban says

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in a video posted on his official Facebook page on Sunday that experts in the country believe the coronavirus epidemic to peak on 3 May. Orban, who was visiting a hospital in the town of Ajka west of Budapest, said that by then Hungary would have 5,000 ventilators, up from just over 2,000 now. He said that figure would later rise to 8,000, which would be enough to treat all COVID-19 patients who need to be put on the machines.

On Sunday, Hungary had 1,916 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, and 189 people have died.

Orban’s response to the coronaviris crisis to rule by decree indefinitely, after receiving parliament's authorisation, has drawn criticism from the European Union. Hungary has responded to the criticism by saying parliament can revoke that authorisation at any time.

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