Hugely outdoing one another about Delyan Peevski

The fact, that the oligarchs in our country has got no balls and therefore they hire such in the face of figureheads, who foist their interests, is no longer a news item. However, it is desirable, when they dictate lies to their spokespersons in the form of talking points, at least to instruct them on how these lies to be spread. So as not to fall into a ridiculous situation. Because their lies reach more and more cosmic heights in their absurdity. Moreover - refuting each other.

The latest example of the results of their manipulations, by which the accused and indicted bosses flood the public space in Bulgaria and abroad, appeared in the English outlet - The Guardian. The article in question has been foisted in the publication according to the favourite stratagems of the mainstream media machine of the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev and his friends from behind-the-scenes clique. Its author is a Bulgarian from the Capital circle, who is writing for foreign editions. Its keynote spokespersons in the so-called “analysis” appear to be Prokopiev's former Minister of Justice Hristo Ivanov, better known in Bulgaria as Pinocchio for his affinity for lies, and the regular author in the (anti) Bulgarian desk of Deutsche Welle Petar Cholakov, better known not as a sociologist, as he likes to present himself, but as the main propagandist of the oligarch’s thoughts in foreign and Bulgarian media.

With such a group, it will hardly be surprising that the main goal of the publication is to be shed light on PR Pinocchio and to tarnish the enemies of his mentor Ivo Prokopiev - in particular the Movement for Rights and Freedoms MP and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. The latter has long been a thorn in the side of the entire behind-the-scenes clique because of his legislative initiatives, through which he put a spoke in the wheels of bosses’ shady deals and because of the revelations of his publications against these same bosses. For this reason, Peevski has long been flooded with lies from the entire mainstream media of the Bulgarian oligarchy.

In this specific case, however, the manipulations reach a degree of absurdity, launching not only the regular and well-acquainted slanders, but also the fact that he holds "80% of the printed media in Bulgaria". It is not clear which of the above-mentioned hired figures is the author of this assertion. Nor is it clear whether they got lost in English language, given that only a few months ago the same group, for example, launched another false thesis - that Peevski held 80% of printed media distribution in Bulgaria. The indisputable fact is that both allegations are no more and no less an outright lie, which shows up with the most elementary check in the public registers in Bulgaria. However, Prokopiev and his pawns are obviously so engrossed in outdoing one another about their main enemy that they behave anyhow with the hope, that readers would not even notice the difference and they would only remember the sacred number 80. No matter that even with its absurdity, it refutes itself. Without opening the topic of the facts at all.

What are actually the facts? Delyan Peevski has never had any share in media distribution, which is evident with the naked eye with a simple check in public registers. The same check also shows that the media group he owns is composed exactly of six newspapers, including the national dailies Telegraph and Monitor. Official data from the National Statistical Institute show that printed publications number 223 in Bulgaria. Calculating exactly what is the share of printed media, is elementary for every high school student, but Prokopiev's mainstream media machine has never allowed the truth to interfere with their manipulations. The question is why authoritative otherwise foreign media outlets do not make at least a basic check of the allegations pushed to them by the freelancers, allegedly working for them, but in fact spreading through their websites and media the lies and talking points of accused and indicted oligarchs.

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